[eating out]: Flinderz – Hillarys

IMG_6697Flinderz kind of just popped up suddenly. I went to the nearby Coles and suddenly noticed it and I was like ‘hang on…what? when did that become a new restaurant?’. Then it appeared EVERYWHERE on IG and blogs, especially the pannacotta. On my visit, however, it was for dinner with my parents. I like to bring them to different places to try so that they can taste some different types of cooking. We ordered a pork belly entree, which I somehow neglected to photograph sorry! It supposedly came with “chilli jam” but it was quite chilli and much too sweet. I liked the spiced walnuts though! The skin was crackly, but the meat was a bit tough and could do with a bit more slow cooking. Mum and Dad ordered the linguine with clams and mussels from the pasta night specials. The seafood was fresh, presumably from the nearby fish market (Dad said it’s the same owner!). I didn’t taste the pasta but it looked a bit bland. Mum and Dad said it was ok. That’s all I could get out of them haha.

Braised beef short rib, mash potato, steamed greens
Braised beef short rib, mash potato, steamed greens

GC and I ordered two of the meat dishes to share, and also for Dad to pick at because Dad’s “I’m not really hungry” is actually code for “I’ll keep eating even though I said I wasn’t hungry and that I’m full”. First up is the braised beef short rib. I LOVE braised meats where they fall off the bone. This one was fork tender but still had some bite to it. Some may prefer it to be softer, but I like it like that. The sauce was a bit one-dimensional in my opinion, tasty but needed a bit more depth.

slow-cooked lamb shank, crispy chickpeas, mash potato, salad
slow-cooked lamb shank, crispy chickpeas, mash potato, salad

The second dish was the braised lamb shank with chickpeas. Again, this was extremely tender, but a bit fatty. The dish actually comes with greens (i.e., the string beans as per the beef rib) but they happily changed it to a side salad which was very fresh and cut through the richness of these two dishes well. The sauce is quite salty for me and like the beef, lacked a bit of depth.


Overall, it was a tasty dinner. It’s always nice to try new places and I’ll definitely be making a return visit for brunch!! They have fried icecream on pancakes! I haven’t had fried icecream since I was a kid! Flinderz does ‘specials’ nights like oysters & bubbles, pasta night, and sunday roast. It looks like they have new additions to the dinner menu too!

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Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!


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