[thoughts]: Tasting Menu (2013)

(image credit: Google)
(image credit: Google)

One thing I really love about Perth is that we are blessed with beautiful weather and natural places to enjoy outdoor movies. I love outdoor movies, especially when artsy and international films are screened. Unfortunately, I have so little time to actually go see them =(

I managed to catch one of the free Spanish films being screened at Claremont Park over the weekend. I was pooped on Friday night so didn’t manage catch that one =( AS said it was really good, and I’m into all that crime stuff so it’s definitely added to my list. Luckily, Sunday night worked for both AS and I so we went to catch Menu Degustacio, or Tasting Menu.

‘As one of the world’s best restaurants opens for its final evening, a couple in the midst of a divorce who made their reservation a year ago (before separating) reunite for a once-in-[a]-lifetime meal’.

I don’t really bother reading reviews before films in order to not bias my expectations and interpretations of the film. Plus, much like food, enjoyment of films is a very subjective experience. After a quick search after the film, however, I am actually quite surprised that it received such poor reviews, because I actually quite enjoyed it.

Without giving too much away, I find the short synopsis (above) doesn’t manage to capture the nuances of the film (actually, do they ever??). There’s so much activity in the film that to me, it’s much more than just about the aforementioned couple. Through the multiple (and simultaneous) events, you see humour, you see misunderstandings, you see growth, you see loose ends tied up, you see cultural awareness, you see chaos, yet at the same time, you see perfection.

AS made an interesting point that she felt it was slightly disjointed because of the difference in the way the film began and the atmosphere it evoked, compared to how it progressed and ended. I agree with her at some level, but I also feel that’s the way the movie expresses its message.

No matter how perfectly you plan something, life throws curveballs at you. But sometimes, those curveballs are a soul-searching experience.

Eat some paella, patatas bravas, custard tarts and watch a Spanish film about food…think that pretty much sums up our personalities! =P haha.

If you’ve seen the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! Or any recommendations for other ones!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a happy Monday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “[thoughts]: Tasting Menu (2013)

  1. Hi CC! I was also a little disappointed with this movie. I thought there wasn’t enough attention paid to the food, and some of the characters were either over the top, or they didn’t seem authentic. I was hoping for one of those wonderful food movies like Big Night or Eat Drink Man Woman, but it didn’t come close. Oh well, I did enjoy those sexy Spanish accents ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thanks for your thoughts, annettejevans! I agree some characters were over the top (one was INCREDIBLY annoying!). I haven’t heard of those other food movies…will have to check it out! Thanks!


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