[eating out]: Solomons Cafe (Highgate) & Gusto Gelato (Leederville)

IMG_6565Solomons Cafe has been on my to-eat list for a very long time. Not because I am a devout organic/raw/vegan, which Solomons specialises in, but mainly because the menu is just so different!  Finally, I got to try it with my fellow fatty, GC =) Younger brothers can be so cool sometimes haha!

Solomons is a quaint little place, with red brick walls and warm tones. After ordering, we were looking around and noticed the plates on the tables were all mismatched, which added a bit of charm to the place in my opinion.


The menu is comprised of finger food, small plates, big plates, and side dishes. We had a hard time choosing because some things sounded great but we didn’t want to over-order, which seems to be a frequent occurrence with us =.=’ In the end, we chose 2 big plates to share.

Solomon's sald (organic chicken, quinoa, brown rice, seasonal greens, almonds, Asian herbs & spices)
Solomon’s salad (organic chicken, quinoa, brown rice, seasonal greens, almonds, Asian herbs & spices)

GC chose solomon’s salad, which was a warm chicken salad. This was pretty nice! It actually reminded us of fried rice – there was a nice savoury umami fragrance to it but I couldn’t detect any of the herbs and spices. Interspersed within the mountain of carbs was kale, cabbage, almonds, chicken, and carrot. The cabbage added some nice crunch throughout the quinoa and brown rice which was great for some textural contrast. Filling, yet light!

Raw vegan tacos (guacamole, cashew cheese)
Raw vegan tacos (guacamole, cashew cheese)

Ok, so I had a bit of a dumb moment while perusing the menu. I remember they used to have raw nachos and for some reason, when I saw “tacos”, my brain interpreted that as “nachos” and I was looking forward to some crunch. Don’t ask, I don’t know where my brain went haha.

Anyway, so after the initial surprise when the tacos arrived, we wasted no time tucking into it. The tacos themselves were extremely thin and had some sundried tomato taste to it. I have NO IDEA how they made it but it’s as if they compressed and rolled sundried tomatoes. It lent a really nice flavour to the entire taco, but I imagine some people might not take to the strong sour taste. The fillings were tasty and I love how the guacamole and cashew cheese added some nuttiness and creaminess. Definitely a good contrast with the fresh salsa and crunchy vegetables in the tacos.

The salad on the side was pretty generous and full of kale! They must’ve massaged olive oil in with the kale because it was definitely less coarse than when I make kale salads. The salad was nice and fresh with great crunch but there was too much oil.

Since I was sending GC back to Leederville to babysit our niece (i.e., my sister’s cat), we decided to try Gusto Gelato! Yay! Whilst GC almost immediately decided on the ginger beer & lime flavour, I was torn between 2-3 flavours. In the end I went with peach.

Peach, Ginger beer & lime - Gusto Gelato
Peach (top), Ginger beer & lime (bottom) – Gusto Gelato

The ginger beer & lime flavour was ok. The lime was quite subtle and I would’ve preferred to have a bit more to cut through the sweetness. GC quite liked it but after majority of the scoop, he found the ginger quite strong. I, on the other hand, found it really hard to detect the ginger and just found it quite sweet. This is what I think of ginger beer in general though.

The peach was so refreshing! There was a strong peach fragrance and I’m not sure if you can see it in the photo but they have actual pieces of peach in there! This wasn’t too sweet either so it didn’t mask the peach flavour. This is perfect for the warm summer weather in Perth right now!

I’m glad Perth is getting more specialty icecream stores, but there’s still something about them that haven’t quite reached the standards from other states and countries.

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Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!!


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