[eating out]: Brika – Northbridge

IMG_6296Brika has been on my to-go list for so long, ever since I saw other reviews of it! After a week of a diet of icecreams and cakes, I was honestly in no mood to eat out the day I returned from Melbourne. But it was a Sunday, and that’s typically a “no-cook/eat out/takeaway” day in my family.

After giving my brother a couple of options, we decided to head to Brika for some small plate tapas, thinking it would be light on the stomach and not too filling. Boy, were we wrong!

I like introducing Mum and Dad to some different types of cuisine, so that they branch out from the usual 2-3 restaurants! Mum and I are big fans of bread and dip, so we decided to order some pita and hummus. There’s a few other dips, but hummus was a safe option (I personally wanted the taramasalata haha).

pita, hummus
pita, hummus

The hummus was more course than others I’ve had, but I like course chunky dips so this didn’t bother me one bit. It had a lovely nutty taste from the chickpeas, but was slightly salty for me which was tempered a bit with the pita. It’s not fair for me to say but having been to Gazi, these two items didn’t quite live up to that =P The pita, though enjoyable, was a little flat and not as fluffy-chewy as I’d like.

char-grilled octopus
char-grilled octopus

Mum had her eye on the octopus which was served charred with oregano & lemon. This was good! Not overly oily like some others I’ve had, and there was sufficient char to it. Most importantly, it was tender which made eating the huge chunks much more pleasurable!

barrumundi, potato puree
barramundi, potato puree

I was really craving fish so we chose the barramundi. Omgoodness this was amazing! The fish was cooked perfectly and it was exceptionally fresh – there was none of the muddy taste, and the skin was smooth and flaky, with a crispy skin. Seriously curbed my fish craving =)

slow-cooked lamb
slow-cooked lamb

Dad is a bit of a meat fiend sometimes, in the sense that he thinks we will die if we don’t have meat at least 5-6 times a week. It’s no surprise then that he wanted the slow-cooked lamb in house marinade. This was actually a pretty good choice – it was tender, flavoursome and moreish. I found it pretty salty, but I generally have a low salt threshold normally anyway. Dad thoroughly enjoyed this, and I thoroughly enjoyed cleaning the bone of all residual meat and sinews. Apologies if I just grossed you out =P

melitzana salad
melitzana salad

I spotted the melitzana salad which was charred eggplant, beetroot, greek yoghurt and pistachio. That’s pretty much everything I love, so my eyes were locked on this for some much-needed vegetable therapy. This was great! The eggplant was tender and juicy. It was a bit bland as eggplant usually is, but the beetroot relish was great to add some tang. Loved this!

village salad (feta on the side)
village salad (feta on the side)

We also ordered the village salad which pretty much a standard Greek salad. They were accommodating enough to give the feta on the side because I don’t like cheese. This was fresh and crispy.

At first, you may not think this would be filling but trust me, we were so full after dinner. We didn’t even go to Icey Ice for dessert after, and that’s saying something! haha.

The interior of the place is great – cosy and casual. I imagine it would be perfect for casual catch-ups with friends, especially in the warmer months so you can sit outside!

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Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great Friday & weekend!


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