[Melb 2014]: Fukuryu Ramen – Chinatown

Traditional miso ramen
Traditional miso ramen

When the heavens open up with rain and you’re lugging your suitcase around, all you want is a bowl of comfort. This came in the form of ramen on our last day in Melbourne. The initial plan was Little Ramen Bar, but it was closed so we headed to Fukuryu Ramen after seeing it had some pretty good reviews.

Fukuryu Ramen is in a small alley off Bourke St in the heart of Chinatown so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to spot the sign. Ascend the stairs (yes, I had to lug my suitcase up the stairs) into a large open space with the hustle and bustle of the kitchen right before your eyes. It was a lot bigger than I expected!

I welcomed my piping hot bowl of ramen with open arms. It was delicious! I ordered the traditional miso ramen – this is my staple when trying new ramen places. Fukuryu Ramen’s version usually comes with buttered corn but I’m not a fan of butter in my soups so they kindly let me swap it for bamboo shoots.

It was amazing. The noodles were cooked al dente but I would also be happy if it was slightly less because soggy soft noodles are a big no-no in my book. The chashu was soft, though slightly fatty. The soup was really good, on par with some of my favourite ramens but it was quite oily which is evident from the photo. It was a really enjoyable meal in the end though! I was also delighted that there was half an onsen egg, which was PERFECT!

Traditional shio ramen

DT ordered the traditional shio ramen, which she slurped up just as enthusiastically as I did mine. Her’s comes with the naruto fishcakes which are one of my favourite childhood steamboat items!

Seated at the bar in front of the open-plan kitchen, we slurped up our piping hot ramen. Perfect way to end our week-long trip to Melbourne.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures in Melbourne! I can’t wait until my next holiday! Where will it be, I wonder? But first, focus on thesis!

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Thanks for reading! ^^ Here are my other Melbourne adventures, in case you missed them!


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