[Melb 2014]: Krimper – CBD

IMG_6149If you were going to cafe-hop, it would definitely be in Melbourne. There are just SO MANY cafes, you’d be hardpressed to not find one that you like. Unless you just don’t like the cafe scene in general.

Krimper was one that popped up on my IG feed and the food looked pretty good! Best thing was it was accessible, since it was in CBD. So, off we went to search for that tiny little pink sign.

IMG_6152After some wrong turns and walking in the opposite direction, we finally reached the place. I like the urban wooden look to the place, with warm tones permeating throughout the cafe. It reminds me of a warehouse but fitted out to be more hipster and warm rather than cold and grey.

flate white (back), chai latte (front)
flat white (back), chai latte (front)

It actually started drizzling on our way here, so we ordered some warm drinks first. A flat white for the coffee fiend DT, chai latte for me. Unfortunately the chai latte was really weak and not quite warm enough. It was as if I was drinking lukewarm milk, and I can pay $2 for 2L of that =(

asparagus, soft-boiled eggs, asparagus cream, broad beans
asparagus and cocotte eggs (boild eggs, asparagus cream, green bruschetta with asparagus, broad bean, broccolini and pecorino)

Krimper’s menu is quite interesting, which is what piqued my interest. Quite a few options jumped out at us, but in the end, DT went for the asparagus and cocotte eggs. We were intrigued by the asparagus cream, as it’s not something we spot often. Whilst I didn’t taste the eggs since I had egg for my dish, the green bruschetta was delicious. You can easily tell the vegetables are fresh, and broad beans! Enough said.

tea-smoked salmon, red cabbage, poached egg
Black tea cured salmon (mashed peas, red cabbage, poached egg)

I went for the black tea cured salmon, as I was really interested in how the black tea would pair with salmon. Doesn’t the dish just look so pretty? I love how fresh the colours look! I like how the salmon was served in huge thick chunks rather than shavings. There’s definitely more bite to it that way.

To be honest, I couldn’t detect any of the black tea scent in the salmon, so I was a bit disappointed in that respect. I liked how it wasn’t too salty though so I could still actually taste the salmon and the entire dish was still very delectable. The red cabbage was slightly sour which offered a great cut through the oily salmon. I don’t know when it started, but I absolutely love the flavour of peas so I thoroughly enjoyed the sweetness the smashed peas offered. It was a really well balanced dish now that I think of it.

The prices are on the higher side, at least more than I’d expect for Melbourne cafes. Oh and they also have baked goods on the counter which look pretty delicious! They had caneles but I was much too full to grab one =(

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the teeny tiny sign if you plan on visiting here!

Krimper on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^


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