[Melb 2014]: Fitzroy Gardens

IMG_6179Last time my brother and I didn’t manage to make it to Fitzroy Gardens. I’m not sure why because it’s surprisingly not that far from the perimeter of Melbourne CBD actually.

I’m so glad I made it this time. The gardens are beautiful! It reminded me of Kings Park, but a little more dainty and English-style. We looked at the landmarks on the map then decided to walk around the entire garden and just slowly meander our way through.

We ended up going to all the places but we really enjoyed just seeing the plain green grass and lines of trees along the pathways! This would actually make a beautiful place for a picnic and/or wedding shoots.

Cook’s Cottage – Fitzroy Gardens
Cook's Cottage - Fitzroy Gardens
Cook’s Cottage – Fitzroy Gardens

We went to Cook’s cottage, which is SO CUTE! I love this cottage so much – it reminds me a bit of the cottages you see in Disney movies actually! haha. It was interesting to see the different artefacts used in the household! It also reminded me that we have way too much technology these days (oh the irony, saying that whilst blogging on a laptop!) – people could get by with the simplest of tools!

Conservatory - Fitzroy Gardens
Conservatory – Fitzroy Gardens
Conservatory - Fitzroy Gardens
Conservatory – Fitzroy Gardens

There’s also a conservatory full of hydrangeas, ferns, impatiens flowers and so on. Hydrangeas are such an intriguing flower, with its colour a result of the soil’s ph level. I was having the time of my life looking at the different flowers and seeing which ones I recognised. This was beautiful and it was so peaceful inside.

I love this leaf, but don’t know what it’s called – anyone know?

IMG_6198There was also a mini model of a village. This reminds me of Windows of the World in China, an attraction that I haven’t visited since my childhood so it actually conjured some memories in me =)

Fitzroy Gardens
Fitzroy Gardens

The landmarks in the gardens are located here and there across the whole garden. It’s pretty simple to navigate, and even if you do get disoriented, it’s not easy to get lost as it’s a rectangular shape. Unlike Kings Park – I ALWAYS get lost in there!

Another nice garden is Carlton garden which houses the Royal Exhibition Centre with a beautiful facade! It would be great for picnics and photoshoots too! In fact, when we went, there were 3 groups of bridal parties having photos taken.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!


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