[Melb 2014]: Brighton Beach

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring our planning, DT had shortlisted Brighton Beach to see the colourful beach boxes. I’ve heard so much about these and they always look so beautiful in others’ photos, so after a quick breakfast, we took the train down there to start our adventure for the day!

Getting there was quite simple, thanks to the visitor’s centre! Just take the train to Middle Brighton then walk about 20-25min along Dendy Rd to Brighton Beach. Alternatively, you could alight the train at Brighton Beach then walk up the esplanade for about 20-25min to reach the beach boxes.

We were blessed with great weather that day – it had rained on-off the previous day, but the weather was perfect for our little beach adventure.

Dendy Road - en route to Brighton Beach
Dendy Road – en route to Brighton Beach

Walking along Dendy Road itself was a feast for the eyes. Majority of the houses there have a real colonial style to them. I loved walking along looking at the architecture of the houses, some old-style ones juxtaposed with more modern structures.

Railway - en route to Brighton Beach
Railway – en route to Brighton Beach

We also passed the railway which seems to be very popular with tourists to take photos there. It makes for cool photography though, with the long lines and perspective!

My ogling at the houses probably made the walk longer than it should’ve been, but after what seemed like an eternity, we finally made it to the beach boxes! They were so cool! To be honest though, there were fewer than I expected and it didn’t take long to get from one end to the other. I guess I thought the stretch would be quite long because it looks like that in photographs. Nevertheless, I enjoyed walking along picking out my favourites and taking silly pictures.

Beach boxes - Brighton Beach
Beach boxes – Brighton Beach

I was so disappointed with boxes 28 and 11! They were (no offense to the owners), SO BORING! 28 is my favourite number, but the box was ugly and boring =( No worries though, because #8 was beautifully painted in nautical stripes! I absolutely love this pastel one too!

Brighton Beach
Beach boxes – Brighton Beach

And the rainbow one, and the space invader! Ok, I liked a lot of them =P

DT and I were discussing how we would decorate it if we had a beach box. It’s a surprisingly difficult question! I think I’d do a picture mural like with a tree facade or cherry blossoms (totally beach-appropriate =P haha), or perhaps I’d paint food on it?

After chilling a bit on the beach, we headed up towards the city to Prahran markets which was totally awesome, got our sugar fix at Luxbite and back to the city for dinner.

Now let me ask you, if you had a beach box, how would you paint it?

Thanks for reading! ^^ Happy Monday, all!


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