[Melb 2014]: Ice-cream is a meal, right?

IMG_6229If you follow me on instagram (@cscc28), you may have noticed I was in Melbourne not too long ago, having a gastronomic adventure with my pseudosister, DT. As per usual, there was a list. Of things to eat. As it happens, my Melbourne diet consisted primarily of cakes and ice-cream, so what better way than to signal the start of my Melbourne posts with our ice-cream escapades?

I was adamant to visit Spring St Grocer for their delicious gelato again, after enjoying it so much last year with GC. But then I saw some other places being raved about on IG and the blogosphere so naturally that was added to the list as well.

Helados Jauja – Carlton

Ice-cream was literally our first meal. No joke. We ate on the plane and by the time we reached the accommodation it was already around 3pm so we didn’t feel like having a big meal. After realising Helados Jauja was only about a 5-10min walk from our serviced apartment, the decision was made. I’ve seen this mentioned so many times on IG so I was super excited!

Rosewater & pistachio, Yerba mate, coconut gelato, salted chocolate & peanut – Helados Jauja

Being the indecisive gluttons we are, we finally made our decisions after taste testing the equivalent of one scoop of ice-cream. haha. I chose the rosewater & pistachio and yerba mate. The former was nice and “ching” (a light taste) and quite refreshing. We don’t really have rosewater ice-creams in Perth so that played a large part in my decision. Yerba mate reminded me of green tea, and it was so refreshing that I had one taste and said “yep I’m getting that”. DT chose the coconut gelato which was SO GOOD, and the salted chocolate and peanut which was SO GOOD too! All of them were SO GOOD! The salted chocolate and peanut seriously tasted like peanut butter with chocolate. I had a bit of ice-cream envy there but great thing is that we shared it all =D

Black sesame, matcha - The Rice Workshop
Black sesame, matcha – The Rice Workshop

My friend AH showed me a pic of her matcha softserve when she went to Melbourne last year. After having some awesome softserves in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HK, and IKEA (25c cones!!), I wanted to try this one from Rice Workshop! After a little spot of shopping at Emporium, we grabbed one of each flavour. The softserve itself was smooth and milky without melting too quickly. I actually preferred the black sesame more than the matcha because it was more robust in flavour. It’s hard to live up to the matcha softserve I had in Japan where even the ones from 7-11 were full of flavour! Still, where else can you get $2 matcha softserve in AUS?

Pistachio gelato – Spring St Grocer

DT had dinner plans with friends one night so I had a nice simple and quiet dinner myself. The late sunsets in Melbourne were awesome so I was walking around CBD and headed to get my favourite gelato! Although I was tempted to get the medium cup so that I could have 2 flavours, rational CC decided to get the small which was a single flavour. After tasting a few, I was too tempted by the pistachio like last time so I chose that, sat down and enjoyed this pure bliss in peace. It was great, the same smoothness and creaminess I remember. The only thing is that I found it a bit sweeter this time. I watched the line grow as I ate, whilst thinking about my time there with GC last year where we devoured our ice-cream in record time. I realised that I even sat in the exact same seat too! Aaaah,the memories.

Pistachio, hazelnut, coconut sorbet, chocolate sorbet
Pistachio, hazelnut, coconut sorbet, chocolate sorbet – Spring St Grocer

I brought DT here on another night after our sushi dinner. We had just arrived back in Melbourne from Bundoora after a 2-day conference and thought we’d reward ourselves with a nice dinner and dessert. In a repeat of Helados Jauja, we finally decided on our flavours after much deliberation. The pistachio, of course, was great as usual. The hazelnut was extremely fragrant and nutty – no one would ever mistake this because the hazelnut aroma was that strong. It’s actually like the one at Hyatt so at least there’s something on par in Perth! The coconut sorbet was very coconutty which is exactly how I like it, and it was a nice clean flavour compared to the other creamy ones. The chocolate sorbet was absolute heaven – dark chocolate and extremely smooth and creamy. You would never guess it was a sorbet rather than gelato!

We missed out on Gelato Messina which I’ve had in Sydney, but I think my glucose level was quite appreciative of that this time haha.

If you are heading to Melbourne, you MUST go to Spring St Grocer! I cannot stress that enough! Yes, I will calm down now =)

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Spring St Grocer on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!!


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