[CC cooks]: Peking duck potluck!

IMG_6337Good morning! Hope everyone is all well-rested from the weekend! Can you believe there’s only 3 days to Christmas? Gosh, where has this year gone?!

Anyway, let’s brighten up a Monday morning with some yummy food! After our Mexican fiesta, it was soon time for a foodie catch-up! This time we decided to have a peking duck feast, with some char siu for a char siu tasting. JW is a HUGE fan of char siu so this was perfect! haha.

I usually get my ducks from HK BBQ House (my fav roast meats place!) or Golden King BBQ in Northbridge but I wasn’t heading that way from work so I decided to try out Eureka Chinese Restaurant. I had previously read many reviews raving about their duck so this was the perfect chance to try it out!

Waiting patiently to be sliced up...
Waiting patiently to be sliced up…

We often have peking duck at home as a family, and after years of making the pancake wraps and watching Dad slice it, I was tasked with this that night. So I brought the duck, pancakes and peking duck sauce, AS bought some char siu and siu yuk, JW bought char siu (from a different store), and our new foodie RT brought along some much-needed greens and the rest of the peking duck condiments (cucumber, spring onion).

As you can see, there was a lot of food and a lot of meat! RT’s greens were welcomed graciously with open arms by all of us! haha.

Verdict – duck

The duck looked pretty skinny to me but we ended up getting quite a lot of meat out of it. However, it did seem a bit skinnier than what we usually get from our usual haunts. Flavour-wise, it was good and I got it just before our dinner so the skin was fresh and crispy! The meat was tender and not dry, but it was very fatty. There was just so much fat under the skin, which is expected to an extent but I found it exceeded the amount compared to our usual ducks.

Verdict – char siu #1 (AS)

AS’ char siu was from Good One BBQ in Vic Park. It’s the first time I’ve tried the char siu from there, as I usually get mine from HK BBQ. The char siu (in first picture) was glistening with caramelisation and it had charred bits which made it look delicious! AS forgot to ask for a less fatty cut, so naturally it was a bit fatty but not overly. It was extremely tender and the caramelisation was so good. Throwing my health out of the window, I was eating all the charred bits! The siu yuk had super crispy skin, even near the end of our feast, but was also a bit fatty.

Verdict – char siu #2 (JW)

Oops! Forgot to snap a picture of this! JW’s char siu was from Golden King BBQ in Morley. I’ve had the char siu from the NB branch, but never Morley. Appearance-wise, JW’s char siu was comparatively paler than AS’. It was a tepid red/pink colour and had little caramelisation and charred bits so it wasn’t glistening as much. But more importantly, how did it taste? It was considerably drier than AS’, and because it lacked caramelisation, it didn’t have that nice sweet maltose finish to it. In the end, we all preferred AS’ from Good One BBQ =P

Apple & blueberry crumble with ice-cream
Apple & blueberry crumble with ice-cream

What’s a foodie feast without desserts? I quickly whipped up an apple & blueberry crumble and left it to bake at AS’ just before dinner started. Lucky AS had some vanilla ice-cream left to savour this with. They all loved it! YAY!

As usual, it was such a great dinner with my favourite foodies. I can’t believe the year is coming to an end, and it’s been yet another year of great friendship with them. I’ve had countless memories with them this year, it’s been such a blessing. These dinner/foodie catch-ups, Sri Lanka with AS to attend SS’ wedding (we miss you so much!!), and my usual catch-ups with RT and her making me spend lots at Garden City! ><!

I’m so thankful I have them four in my lives, and I can’t wait til our January catch-up! Tossing up between a few options, but I know it’ll be great whatever we do!

Here are the links to the restaurants we got the food from =)

Hong Kong BBQ House on Urbanspoon

Good One BBQ on Urbanspoon

Golden King BBQ Express on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!


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