[eating out]: Bivouac – Northbridge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a momentous occasion. I have FINALLY made it to Bivouac! No kidding, I’ve been trying to come to this place for so long, but every time I have time to take a night off/feel like eating out, it’s a Sunday. Bivouac doesn’t open on Sundays.

I was around the CBD area one afternoon for an appointment, so organised to catch up with my brother GC for a small dinner date =) Yet again, he made me choose the venue so I gave him 3 choices and told him to decide on one. Good thing he decided on Bivouac because (1) we had happy bellies after dinner, and (2) it would probably be a Sunday when we would want to go!

We arrived around 6pm so the place was still quite quiet and empty, but as the night progressed, a crowd started to form and soon there were no empty seats. On a Tuesday night too! Bivouac has a really cosy, hip and laidback vibe to it. It can be a bit loud with the music, but definitely a great place to meet up with friends for a drink (or 2…or 3), and soome nice nibbles.

Grilled sucuk sausage, pickled red cabbage, citrus
Grilled sucuk sausage, pickled red cabbage, citrus

One of my dimsum dollies, AS, has been to Bivouac before and once I told her I was heading here, she was on to recommendations like an efficient little bee! She quite liked the sausage and once I mentioned that to GC, there was no question about it. We were ordering that, which didn’t surprise me one bit as he is quite the chorizo fan so I knew he would want this.

Surprisingly, I quite liked it too! I was a bit wary because I don’t like salty food but the sucuk sausage wasn’t too salty at all! There was a nice bite to it, less so than chorizo, and a smoky flavour to it. Great idea to have the pickled red cabbage and wedge of lemon too, as it cut through the oiliness of the sausage.

Gingin goat chops, lebanese spice rub, tomato kasundi, fig & fennel chutney

We were tossing up between the slow-roasted lamb for the day, or the goat chops. Although the waitress personally preferred the lamb, GC and I rarely eat goat so we wanted to have something different. Good thing we listened to our brains/heart/stomach! The goat was amazingly gamey, and quite tender too. It was moist, and had a nice charred taste to it from the grilling. We really enjoyed the spice rub which paired well with the game taste. The only thing would be that the kasundi and the chutney, whilst both delicious, were too sweet in the end. It was as if we needed more of the spice rub on the goat to counteract the sweet acidity of the latter two components. I still couldn’t stop eating them though =P

Mezze board – haloumi & fig, cured greek olives, smoked beetroot hummus, cornichons, grilled malawach

We decided to order a mezze board to satisfy our greediness. The haloumi was amazing. This is pretty much the only cheese I like to eat, because it isn’t too cheesy/creamy. There was a nice crisp outer layer giving way to soft yet squeaky inside. I found the hummus lacked the smokiness. I’m not sure if I expected too much so it just didn’t seem to satisfy my expected level of smokiness, or if it was a different kind of smokiness that I couldn’t quite detect…? Anyone else had this before?

I absolutely loved the olives! I tried these at The Re Store once, and I prefer this style over the normal kalamata olives in brine. There’s a stronger flavour to these ones, and they have a slightly more chewy texture to it. The malawach is their type of grilled bread – it’s a bit of a cross between pita and roti prata. It was nice and crisp, and GC pretty much polished it off.

We were both pretty tired so we decided to skip dessert and head home early, as GC also wanted my help with something. It was a lovely dinner, filled with great food, and it’s always nice to catch up with GC to see how he’s going. . The service was top-notch that day – our waitress was chatty, fun, and happy to talk through the menu and offer suggestions.

On a more random note, after a hectic few months in the Jessup competition, GC has FINALLY gained some of his lost weight =D Must be me always getting him to share food with me so we can taste more hahaha.

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