[CC Bakes]: Cakes galore

Sometimes 1-2 weeks pass and before I know it, I have a massive craving to bake. This then ensues a baking frenzy where I bake and bake and bake until I realise that there might be a tad too many goodies for my family to finish, or when I realise that it’s seriously time to sleep.

Here are some things I’ve baked but haven’t managed to blog about yet =)

Saturday night is sometimes my baking night because I’m usually exhausted from a week of uni and work on Saturday. Plus, I can shop these goodies off to friends at church the next day. The post picture are assorted muffins randing from (L-R) choc-chip & peanut butter, mixed berries, savoury cheese & bacon.

Oreo choc mousse cake

My friend helped me with a favour that ended up to be more problematic than we anticipated. I felt so bad because it was so quick and easy so I baked this for him. Also, he had exlaimed “CC, you owe me cake for this”. This was a rich dark choc mousse cake with an oreo base, hidden ferrero rocher and topped with oreo crumbs.

Cookies & cream cake

Like they say, once you pop, you can’t stop. My friend’s birthday was coming up so I baked her this little cake whilst making the mousse cake. This was simply crushed cookies & creme chantilly layered with sponge.

I love making these mini cakes!
Walnut cookies
This is what happens when you have a surplus of walnuts in the house and a baking itch. My Dad LOVES walnut cookies. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are actually his favourite cookie. He bought some from China and the brand apparently has a 100-year history. I told him mine are healthier, less sweet, and don’t have a 100-year history but they’re just as tasty (if not more! haha).
Peanut butter & jelly macarons
Peanut butter & jelly macarons
The first time I made macarons, the shells were too hard and crispy, and I suspected I had set my oven too hot. This time, I lowered the oven temperature and kept a more close eye on them, and they turned out relatively well. They’re not perfectly beautiful, especially because I can’t seem to pipe nice round circles! I was going to make chocolate ganache to fill them but decided to use peanut butter and strawberry jam instead because, well, we all know peanut butter just makes the world go round =P
In the end, it was quite a good change because the saltiness of the peanut butter helped offset the sweetness from the shells and jam. Now, to practice more so I can make a macaron tower one day!
Apple & cinnamon crumble cake
Finally my potluck dinner date with my favourite foodie girls rolled by! What AS and JW didn’t know however, was that I had a small surprise for them since it was their birthdays a couple of weeks prior to the dinner. This was an apple & cinnamon crumble cake I baked as small birthday gifts. Nothing fancy-schmancy but they enjoyed it =)
Magic custard cake
I’ve seen the magic custard cake floating around blogs and instagram for so long, and I seriously wanted to try my hand at it. Like many others, I also used White on Rice Couple’s recipe but just reduced the sugar and butter quantities. It turned out perfect! I was so anxious the layers wouldn’t work but they were amazing. I can already tell this is not the last time I’ll be making this.
Can’t wait to have some more free time for baking – any suggestions about what to bake next?
Thanks for reading! ^^

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