[Eating out]: Eating my way along Oxford Street

IMG_5789I love when my friends’ brains work on the same wavelength as mine. One of the things RT and I have always wanted to do is a brunch tour. There are a few available that take you along Beaufort St, Chocolate tour, and now there’s new ones for the CBD and Northbridge! It was like Groupon could hear us talking about this, as there was an offer for the Oxford St Foodi Brunch Tour a couple of weeks after RT and I were talking about going on a brunch tour!

As the tour name indicates, we were going to walk along Oxford St (Leederville) to try out 5 different places. You’re kept in suspense as your leave on place for the next as you’re not told where exactly you will be headed!

Our first stop brought us to a wonderland of antipasti and cheese. This was RT’s idea of heaven! Before we tucked into the tasting plates though, the store owner gave us a neat little history lesson of the store. There were some surprising little facts, which I’m now reminded of whenever I see certain products! The tasting was very generous too, my favourites being the olives and chocolates!

IMG_5792After some antipasti entrees, we went straight for desserts =P This next stop involved tea tasting, mini cupcakes and poo. Yes, that’s right, and not just any poo, it was unicorn poo! RT and I were saying that we now can say we quite enjoy eating unicorn poo. No idea what I’m talking about? Head straight to the bottom of the this post to see where you can get this “delicacy” =P
IMG_5795Something that RT and many friends don’t understand is how I don’t like cupcakes, despite my love for cooking, baking and food in general. I don’t like buttercream frosting (except for the old-school Asian cakes) and without frosting, well, cupcakes are just cake sponge. I much prefer different textures in my sweets, especially in the form of entrements. Whilst the tea was nice, the cupcake was much too sweet for me.
IMG_5797Next up is some after-dinner drinks! This is one place where RT and I weren’t huge participants because we both aren’t big drinkers (RT doesn’t drink and I don’t like beer). At this stop, you’ll be introduced to the wide world of beer. Seriously, there is SO MANY different types. I didn’t even realise there were that many! Beer enthusiasts will enjoy this stop, with the opportunity to taste different beers and learn about their production.
So we had our entrees, dessert, after-dinner drinks and now let’s go back to the mains? Our fourth stop was a sit-down lunch, which was nice. Although the walking isn’t strenuous at all, it was still nice to sit down and enjoy the food, and chat with the other group members. I’ve always wanted to try this place, so this was the perfect chance. The food provided was nice but nothing really jumped out except for the above picture, which was the chilli con carne. It literally punches you in the face with flavour and was perfect with the cold creamy guacamole and pita crisps.
Our last stop of the day was supposed to be a tapas tasting, but something went amiss at the venue and we were treated to a pot cauldron of sangria, and bread and ‘dips’. As mentioned, RT and I aren’t huge drinkers so the sangria was tasted but largely left untouched by us. It was so potent, but I did enjoy the not-yet-drowned-by-alcohol fruit in it. The dip was anchovy and ricotta…there was only one. This was another nice way to have a chat with the other group members too, but as RT and I had an appointment after, we didn’t stay as long as the others.
Overall, RT and I enjoyed the experience though we felt that it isn’t really worth the full price if we didn’t manage to snatch the Groupon offer. Perhaps we were expecting too much on the food front, but we expected there to be more food. We were hungry at around 3:30pm – 4pm later that day. I think excluding the beer venue would be worthwhile, as it involved beer-tasting only. So in the case of other non-drinkers in other tours, there’s really not much to do at that venue. There were a couple of venues along Oxford St that I thought would be nice additions, but I imagine it’s difficult to fit everything in since that street is packed with eateries!
What I enjoyed most was hearing about the background of the places we went to – how they came to set up shop, why, what it’s been like and how management is running now, etc. However, we really only got that at the first stall and the rest felt slightly impersonal. Overall, it was still a fun day out exploring this part of Perth!
Here are the venues we went to!

The Re Store Leederville on Urbanspoon

The Sweet Remedy Cafe on Urbanspoon

Cranked Coffee on Urbanspoon

Amani Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^

2 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Eating my way along Oxford Street

  1. Hi I just read your review and as the owner of the sweet remedy thought it was a little unfair to unlike us on urbanspoon. Did you not like the cafe at all? Or just the cupcake was to sweet. I understand everyone has different taste buds and experiences but as a whole yours seemed positive? Thanks for visiting and your feedback is always important to us. I will also respond to your post on urbanspoon, kind regards Chris


    • Hi Chris, Oh dear! My sincerest apologies for making you feel concerned about that. Whilst the experience wasn’t a negative one, I thought it could be improved with more explanation about the tea and why/if your cupcakes are admired by many (given that it was tea tasting with cupcakes) but the staff was a bit rushed through that. Whilst I do think the cupcake was too sweet, I also didn’t like the aftertaste and feeling the buttercream left in my mouth. But I know my friend enjoyed it, so these things are very subjective. The unicorn poo truly was interesting though – soft and chewy which is unlike many meringues I’ve had!


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