[Eating out]: Icey Ice – Northbridge

Taro ice

Cold desserts have a special place in my heart…actually, hot or cold, desserts in general have a special place in my heart! And stomach, in fact! haha. When Icey Ice opened up in NB, I was introduced to the wonders of snow ice and from then on, I have been a huge fan!

Icey Ice serves up snow ice, which is really finely shaved ice that just melts in your mouth immediately. They’ve since expanded their menu and not only are there more flavours & combinations, they also have other Taiwanese desserts such as tau fu fah, herbal jelly, bubble tea and also savoury snacks like Taiwanese fried chicken, lou rou fan, etc. With so much on the menu, it’s a top choice for casual chats with friends and family!


We headed here for some after-dinner sweets, as always =P It’s our go-to place whenever we dine in NB. We ordered a large taro ice and a large Icey chocky to share, a tau fu fah for Mum, and a regular green tea ice for GC because he was sick and kindly did not want to contaminate us (though he still ate from the Icey Chocky =.=’). Can I just say how much I LOVE taro??? It’s SO GOOD! And I also love the fact that my sis-in-law also loves it so we both pretty much devoured the taro ice. They had more of the taro syrup this time so it was even tastier!


Icey chocky


We usually get the oreo ice, but decided to get the Icey chocky this time which is milk snow ice, chocolate syrup, chocolate wafers, Cadbury flake, sprinkles. This is also nice, though I don’t like the cheap chocolate syrup they use. I haven’t had Cadbury flake chocolates for so long!! My brother JC demolished this haha.


Tau fu fah w/sweet potato & taro balls (warm)


Although it’s not the smoothest, the tau fu fah is actually one of the best I’ve had in Perth. There’s a really strong soya bean taste, and I’d much rather this than a super-smooth one with no taste. I ordered the one with yam and sweet potato balls for Mum because she loves them. The serving is actually pretty big so I tend to share it with someone if I’m eating this after dinner. Mum struggled to finish it and forced my Dad to eat some…but he was too busy with the taro ice =P


Oops, I forgot to take a photo of the green tea ice!


Highly recommend this place! It’s probably a good thing there isn’t one near my house because I’d be eating this so often, and probably turn into snow ice myself =P


Icey Ice on Urbanspoon


Thanks for reading! ^^


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