[CC cooks]: Life in meals 1

Procrastination is at its peak today…and everyday, in fact! ><! Anyway, as you all know, I love being in the kitchen. Whether it is baking, or cooking, I just love to let my creative juices flow! Sure, they may sometimes be really odd combinations, but they actually turn out to be quite tasty! Well, usually they do. Now, if only I actually wrote down what I did for them =.='

Since living away from home, I’ve had to prepare every single one of my meals. Sometimes it’s tiring due to my schedule, but I always enjoy it because it means I get to eat what I want.

It was a fine sunny day, and inspired by the Scandinavian sandwiches my friend AS sent pics of, I made egg salad on rye crispbreads. Twas yummy, and perfect to enjoy it outside in the sun. The perks of working from home hehe.

Pikelet stack! 
I love watching Adam Liaw cook, and I managed to catch the episode of Destination Flavour Down Under when he made some pikelets. They looked so awesomely fluffy that I had to try it! This stack was for my friend, simply adorned with honey & butter, the latter of which is her first love. 
Big breakfast! 

Given that I no longer live at home, I rarely get to make food for my family which is actually quite sad. Sometimes I pass food to them if I cook something they rarely cook, or if it has health benefits for my mum, but it’s not the same as cooking and eating then and there.

This was a much-missed big breakfast for my younger brother GC one weekend! I made babaganoush and brought some back for him. Of course, cannot miss out on my scrambled eggs with parsley! These are GC’s favourite because they are not dry and overcooked.

Potluck – Stir-fried cabbage, Hokkien noodles, drunken chicken 

Finally managed to meet with AS and JW for a potluck dinner at my place! AS brought Hokkien noodles, JW brought tiramisu torte, whilst I made drunken chicken and stir-fried cabbage. Also added my homemade cucumber pickles (fa gua). It was nice to see them enjoy the drunken chicken – we all hadn’t eaten it in a long time! Although, AS was quite shocked at me chopping the chicken with my cleaver =P haha.

Pancake stack 

More pancakes for breakfast! I just realised I’m quite OCD and like to line the knife and fork up. This time, I layered strawberries and honey in between each pancake.

Dolsot bibimbap a la CC 

Those who eat brown/multigrain rice will know that it tends to be drier than white rice. This is fine for when you eat it fresh on the day/night, but after a day or two, it tends to be quite dry and chewy. I’ve been craving bibimbap for so long so I decided to make dolsot bibimbap one night! This was more an amalgamation of what I had in my fridge – eggplant, zucchini, onion, carrot, mushroom. Top it off with egg and a homemade gochujang-based sauce and it was a yummy dinner for me! I love my dolsot pot!

Broiled salted salmon wings 

Although I’m trying to save money, I couldn’t resist some salmon wings/head/bones when I saw them at the seafood store! It was quite a big pack so I halved it with Dad and portioned them for myself. I love seafood prepared simply, so I broiled some salted salmon wings and bones for dinner one night, with a side of Thai-style salad.

I was going to use my disposable charcoal BBQs but it didn’t seem to get hot at all so I used the oven in the end. Am I not using the disposable BBQs correctly? Or are they duds and a waste of my money? =.=’


Mum and Dad were both sick with the flu so I went home to prepare dinner and see how they were. I decided to cook something different for them, though it’s probably not the best type of food for sick people! Blame GC, he wanted it. So this is my beans shakshouka with toasted wholemeal vienna and smooth creamy potato mash.

Turns out that Mum and Dad both fell asleep whilst I was cooking so GC and I ended up eating this ourselves. We left a bit for them, and Mum thoroughly enjoyed the super-smooth mash coupled with some of the beans =)

Wonder what I’ll get up to in the kitchen next? Or do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone! Hope I’m productive this weekend!


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