[CC Cooks]: Vietnamese beef stew

Tuesdays are my exercise & dinner days with one of my good friends. I did tell you that I need to get fit for summer, didn’t I? =P Well, after we both practically die from the workout, we seriously need some sustenance. We usually eat at my house, and we just buy things together to share the cost. 
What did we have this week? Vietnamese beef stew! 

I had some gravy beef left in the freezer and I have been eyeing this recipe for so long! I usually make Chinese or Korean beef stew, or beef stew a la CC (i.e., “what-do-I-have-in-the-fridge-and-pantry beef stew”) but I was looking forward to trying different flavours. In addition, we needed something that could be easily cooked/heated after exercise so we can feed our hungry tired souls.

Here’s a nicer photo from my IG (@cscc28); with fresh coriander from my garden =) 

I used this recipe and it turned out great! Initially I thought it was quite spicy, but after leaving it for most of the day and adding some more seasonings, the spice level was tempered a little and it was perfect. Mind you, my friend and I both have quite high tolerance levels for chilli.

The stew itself was great! The flavours are so different to my usual stews, and the lemongrass was great to whet the appetite. Definitely a recipe to keep for the cooler weather (although we ate it on a 34C day =.=’).

If you’re looking for a different kind of beef stew, this is a pretty good idea!

Wonder what we’ll have next week? hehe.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day!


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