[Eating out]: Dae Jang Keum – Northbridge

With the warmer weather settling in, it’s time for me to get my beach body! Haha, who am I kidding…I’m just embarrassingly unfit and want to get fit so I feel less guilty when I eat like a pig. Also because I want to train my long-distance running!

I met up with a close friend, GF, the other day for a short run at Langley Park then for dinner. He had never eaten Korean cuisine before and when he said he wanted to try it, I knew just the place to go!Ā 

DJK is one of my go-to places for Korean! The menu is very extensive now with entrees, fried chicken, hotpots for one, sizzling dishes, BBQ, and so on. I have a love-hate relationship with the menu in fact. Whilst I love it because there’s so many delicious items, I also hate it because there’s *too* many things I want!

The best is to go with a big group of people so you can order a variety and share. Since there were only 2 of us on this occasion, we just ordered a hotpot to share. GF can’t take as much chilli as me so I suggested we go for a non-spicy one in case he sweats profusely due to our run AND the chilli. Tossing up between chicken vs. beef, we went for beef as we both had leftover chicken we had cooked the night before =P

Bulgogi jeongol

The bulgogi jeongol makes a frequent appearance during our family dinners at DJK. The sweet-salty soup with a hint of pepper is beautiful to let the beef flavours shine. Unfortunately on this occasion, it was a little too salty – a bit too much soy sauce in the soup base. It was still delicious though, and as you can see, packed full of ingredients.

There were bean sprouts, golden mushrooms, button mushrooms, spring onion, onion, tofu, carrot, tofu puffs, a mountain of beef and sweet potato noodles. This also comes with 2 bowls of rice plus the banchan. The banchan for the night were kimchi, beansprouts, curried potato strips, acorn jelly. The kimchi was, as always, delicious and the best in Perth!

Service is very slow at DJK which appears to be the norm. The waitstaff are quite unperceptive and never seem to see your hand waving up and down. Once orders are placed, it takes about 20-25min for the dishes to come out. If you get these hotpots for 2, you have an additional wait for the dish to boil. So exercise some patience if you tend to get ‘hangry’ (hungry + angry) =P

It was a great introduction to Korean food for GF, who thoroughly enjoyed the side dishes and the hotpot itself! Next time we’ll get something spicy! Needless to say, we were both comatose with food babies after this, and the run was definitely futile haha.

Thanks for reading! ^^

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3 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Dae Jang Keum – Northbridge

  1. I actually can't remember the name even though I go all the time! But it's behind Honda/Subaru dealership in Melville on the opposite side to Pacific Rim but further down. I think it might be next to a Japanese restaurant if that helps! šŸ™‚


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