[CC Cooks]: Happy Father’s Day!

After being introduced to 8-flavour pork belly in Melbourne on his recent work trip (err back in August ><!), my Dad has taken a liking obsession to that. It’s so odd because he rarely eats samgyupseol when we go for KBBQ! Anyway, we (the kids) were going to take him out for dinner on Father’s Day this year, but Dad chose to have a bbq instead…in the rain =.=’

Why a bbq? especially risking the wind and rain? Well, he wanted pork belly…so pork belly it was!

As usual, I was in charge of pretty much all the food prep. After some thought/discussion, the menu became quite extensive!

Half my prep! 

The bbq items were as follows:

Different flavoured pork belly – red fermented beancurd, bulgogi, gochujang, plain
Ssamjang, lettuce & spring onion salad for pork belly 
Jumbo tiger prawns
Soy sauce & honey glazed squid
Sweet potato
Herbed butter mushrooms
Gourmet sausages

But obviously, we need to wait for the bbq items to cook so we need some food in the meantime!

Spinach banchan
Roasted mushroom & capsicum salad
Prawn &; salmon salad
Smoked salmon & potato salad

There was A LOT of food! All yummy so everyone enjoyed the feast =) I really admire people who throw dinner parties often. After preparing the food for this, I was pretty tired! But then again, I had to do it all before I went to church in the morning so had to wake up extra early =P

Spinach banchan
Nevertheless, I really do enjoy it and it was nice to see Dad enjoying his pork belly. Obviously we didn’t have 8 flavours – I didn’t have THAT much pork belly to work with, but he enjoyed all the flavours which is good. 
Fruit salad

I also made some lemon iced tea for drinks, and a fruit salad for dessert =) Mum also made a Chinese herbal drink to fight the heatiness from the bbq so we don’t all get nosebleeds haha.

Father’s Day spread! 
What did you guys do for Father’s Day? 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you have a great Friday…nearly the weekend! 


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