[CC Bakes]: A hidden surprise for GC!

Aaaah, another birthday in the family, another cake. My schedule is so busy but I’m sure you all know by now that cooking and baking is my kind of therapeutic recluse.

Though I love making cakes for my entire family, and all people in fact, making a cake for GC is my favourite. He’s always excited to see what I come up with, and gives me constructive comments mostly without me having to ask.

Now I don’t *need* people to say “it’s really nice” if they like it, but sometimes when you’re living on average 6 hours of sleep, and lose more sleep in the days leading up to the birthdays, it’s just nice to hear or see that people are enjoying it.

Anyway, so, what’s hidden in the porcupine? GC has a love for matcha and pistachio, so I was definitely set on making something matcha (I made pistachio last year). But when I asked what he wanted, he surprised me by saying “something chocolate”. GC rarely chooses “something chocolate”! I was excited!

Yet again, the cake went through LOTS of revisions. Here’s a rundown,

Plan A: Chocolate chiffon, chocolate mousse, raspberry jelly, chocolate ganache glaze
Plan B: As per plan A but with crunchy meringue helmet (a la pavlova but hollow)

Got home. No raspberries. See passionfruit…

Plan C: Chocolate chiffon base, chocolate mousse, passionfruit orange curd in chocolate ball, meringue helmet

I didn’t like my sponge that turned out so,

Plan D: Chocolate sable base, chocolate mousse, passionfruit orange curd in chocolate ball, meringue helmet

Plan E

BUT THEN! My meringue helmet didn’t dehydrate nicely and it was all sticky and gross. So leads to Plan E which is to just pipe french meringue and brulee it.

Phew! Note that Plan C to Plan E occurred within THE SAME NIGHT! A few hours actually. Omgoodness it was maximum stress indeed. Also, I figured that I have a lot of baking utensils and still don’t have enough, specifically dome moulds. I wanted to make a chocolate ball, but I had no suitable moulds and our bowls were mega-sized and I really didn’t want to make a fitball-sized cake. So I used cupcake liners, which weren’t “ball-shaped” and were much thicker on the bottom.

I also need a blast freezer so that chocolate can freeze quickly without running down. But I may be just expecting too much =P

Anyway, so despite all the changes, the cake turned out well! As the chocolate “ball” was quite thick, it was quite funny seeing GC’s expression when he encountered some sort of resistance within the cake…then I told him to just keep pushing down to cut it and what entailed was a flow of yellow passionfruit curd (with mega-thick chocolate pieces in amongst it).

GC really enjoyed it; he said it was something you’d see from Masterchef. I told him he was exaggerating but thank you. This is honestly one of my favourite cakes I’ve made (the other was this). The passionfruit curd added a nice acidic balance to the rich dark chocolate mousse, and the sable base (which was surprisingly successful!) added a crunch factor.

Obviously this post comes late, but Happy Birthday GC! As your older sister, I am so incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved in life, which is more than I ever could. Don’t stop striving for what you want because I know you’ll surely succeed in it. Just remember me when you win a Nobel Prize, thanks =P Love you!

There’s only 2 more birthdays in the family this year! I wonder whose and what cake will I be making? =P

Thanks for reading! ^^

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