[Eating Out]: D’Nonya Malaysia – East Vic Park

Special chicken nasi lemak (with beef rendang)

I’ve always passed by this place, but I usually cook so I’ve never had the chance to go. I headed here with my brother, sis-in-law and some friends after I visited their Church (I usually go to a different one).

I’ve been craving nasi lemak for so long so when I spotted it on the menu, I knew that would be the one! So what did I think of it?

The nasi lemak usually comes with curry chicken, but apparently they ran out so it’s substituted with fried chicken. Upon asking, they let me substitute it with beef rendang as I don’t like fried foods much, at an additional charge =.=’

Food took so long to come. Our friend’s maggi mee goreng arrived first, about 10 minutes before all other meals. In the end, we waited for about 35 minutes for our food. I’m honestly not sure why it takes so long to dish up a nasi lemak.

My nasi lemak was actually not too bad. The most important component is the rice, and this one was good! It was lemak enough, the grains were al dente and separate. The sambal is the sweet kind with onions, not the usual that I like which is the super spicy one with belachan. It was still nice with the rice but sambal is the second most important component and I wish there was the spicy one. The rendang, as you can see was quite small in portion and the beef could be more tender, but the flavours were there. The others (peanuts, ikan bilis, veg) were unremarkable. The former two were just like packet ones.

My brother got the curry laksa and the portion was smaller than those we’ve had elsewhere; he was still hungry afterwards. My sis-in-law’s char kuay teow was quite nice with umami wok hei!

Overall, it was tasty but nothing I would be rushing back for, especially with the wait times.

D'Nyonya Penang on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^


2 thoughts on “[Eating Out]: D’Nonya Malaysia – East Vic Park

  1. Same!! Not sure if you live near Willetton but “Willetton seafood” (aka. Chan brothers) also sell nasi lemak on weekends for like $4.50 or something. They're pretty good value and quite tasty!


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