[CC Cooks]: It’s a seafood feast!

Mum loves seafood, all kinds of it, so we (us kids) decided to whip up a seafood feast for her birthday. Initially we wanted to have crabs, but there’s this thing in our family where you can’t eat crabs on your birthday. It was sad because I REALLY wanted crabs too, but this feast wasn’t about me, it was all about mum =)

So what did we/I end up making?

SC picked up some scrumptious oysters from Kailis Brothers in Leederville. Can I just digress here and say that Kailis is SO EXPENSIVE! That’s all.

I guess you do pay for the quality though because these oysters were briny, plump and extremely fresh. We had 1 dozen natural with some lemon juice, and 1 dozen kilpatrick. Mum loves kilpatrick; in fact, whenever we go to Hyatt for the buffet, she always makes her own and passes it to the chefs to put in the woodfire oven for her hehe.

I rarely make kilpatrick oysters because I prefer them fresh with some lemon and tabasco, but I’m so glad these turned out well! Apologies for the poor photo – I was eating and minding these in the oven at the same time!

I made three salads; a broccoli, bean and cucumber salad with homemade miso dressing. The other was a lobster, scallop and orange salad on baby spinach with homemade orange mustard dressing, and the last was a lobster & fruit salad with a yoghurt-based sauce a la CC. In other words, I tasted and tested until I found a nice flavour balance. Unfortunately, I have no photo of the lobster & fruit salad =.=’ but Mum loved it so all is good haha.

I also made butter garlic satueed mussels and scallops, because I had leftover garlic butter from the garlic bread, of which there is also no photo! WHY!?

As GC doesn’t eat ANY of the seafood (I honestly don’t know how he lives, but I digress), I made some chicken too. This was my healthy ‘fried’ chicken, which is in fact oven-baked. I was inspired by Kira Westwick’s IG post, and kinda just threw my own spices together. I think I ended up putting pepper, 5-spice power, salt and some sugar. They crisped up beautifully and my brothers (2 of them) finished the lot =.=’

I was running to and from the stove/oven and dining table because the chicken took longer than expected, and the oysters were a delicate morsel to make, but everyone enjoyed the dinner (I think!?!). Most importantly, Mum was full by the end, and thoroughly enjoyed the lobster & fruit salad, and the kilpatrick oysters =)

Thanks for reading! ^^


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