[CC Bakes]: To the most amazing mother ever!

Every year, my wonderful mother will get a strawberry shortcake. This is her most favourite cake, and even if I ask her what cake she wants, she will say “strawberry”. After telling me that I’m too busy to make a cake and so on =P haha.

True, I was very busy when her birthday rolled by, and she said she had cake in Melbourne during her work trip. I replied “But you didn’t have cake made by your own daughter, did you?”.

The decorations went through a few revisions – I wanted to make sugar-coated rose petals but alas, there were NO roses anywhere! So I picked some nice yellow daisies, thinking it would provide a pretty contrast to the glistening ruby red strawberries. However, my sugar-coating was a complete fail and the petals were so limp and gluggy.

In the end, I decided to just stick with a nice piping of cream with strawberries sitting atop. Kudos to my brother GC who coated the strawberries for me while I assembled the cake. He did a great job under my instruction hehe.

So naturally, I added a touch of CC into the cake, rather than sticking with a traditional shortcake assembly. So we had layers of chiffon sponge, sandwiching fresh creme chantilly, homemade strawberry puree and fresh strawberries. One layer was strawberry ripple creme using the puree.

I tried to do some ombre but because this was such a last minute decision from GC, my puree was quite runny which made the creme too runny if I added too much. Hence, there is only a subtle ombre but I still think it looks pretty, no?

Mum was actually sick with the flu the day we celebrated =( But she still enjoyed the cake which warms my heart.

Happy Birthday to my dearest mummy!! Now that we’re all older, it’s our turn to take care of you and cook up a scrumptious birthday feast. May you be blessed with strength, happiness, health and love always.

I love you =)

Thanks for reading! ^^ What do you do for your mum on her birthday?


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