[Eating Out]: Plenty Thai – Shafto Lane, CBD

Shafto Lane is definitely an area that I rarely frequent, but it’s actually dotted with quite a few eateries. One of them is Plenty Thai, to which GC and I headed after a long long day at uni and work. 

It was a quiet night when we went and the restaurant only had two other patrons there for dinner. Granted, it was a rainy Monday night and I would have much preferred to be home in my trackpants rather than braving the wind and rain! But the spicy chilli in the food warmed me up in no time =)

Appetisers – spring rolls, chicken satay
The spring rolls arrived piping hot and GC enjoyed them. I’m not a huge fan of fried foods so left this for him. The satay was like a healthy version, using chicken breast, thus resulting in a more tough and dry texture. It was doused in a curry-like sauce which was a bit odd, but the accompanying satay sauce was moreish and I couldn’t help but keep it for the meat in my soup!  

Tom kha gai

Soup is like my comfort food whenever I’m tired and cold, so I only felt like some soup that night. I almost always order tom yum goong when I eat Thai food, but I spotted the tom kha gai which I’ve never had before so decided to go with that. The soup was full of the spicy aroma from chilli and lemongrass. It perfect to warm me up. I do admit I much prefer tom yum goong though =P It was also full of chicken, so much that I got a bit sick of it and had to pass some to GC! haha. 

Chicken horfun

GC has been here previously and went for their chicken horfun. Although he said the pad thai is nice, he always orders that and didn’t feel like something spicy. The rice noodles were a bit mushy and broken, but it was still quite tasty. I like how its loaded with ingredients!

Coconut icecream

Somehow I’ve suddenly been in a “I need dessert ALL THE TIME” mood, and when I spotted the coconut icecream on the menu, I knew I needed to leave some stomach space for it. The icecream came with 2 scoops, and though he doesn’t like coconut much, GC pretty much ate 1.5 scoops! Stealing my icecream! ><! haha. Whilst it was creamy and smooth, there wasn't enough coconut aroma for me (which is probably why GC liked it). I like how they had bits of coconut in there, but they were a little hard after being frozen so I think having smaller pieces or shaved thinly.

Probably not the first place I would choose for Thai food, as S&T Thai still remains my favourite. But when you’re at Esplanade busport on a rainy Monday night after a 10hour day at uni, Plenty Thai provides much spicy comfort.

Plenty Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^


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