[Eating Out]: Public House – CBD

It was yet another late finish at uni, which means another impromptu dinner date with my brother GC =) We were also heading towards the East Perth side of Adelaide Tce to check something out and with the few restaurants situated around there, we decided to go with Public House which serves up Latin American food. Also because the carnivores in us were seriously craving some meat!

As it was our first time there, the waiter was very helpful – attentive but not forceful. He explained how people usually order (e.g., sharing dishes, etc) and also gave some recommendations upon us asking. He was also good-looking and had a sexy accent, but I’ll leave that for some other time =P

The interior of Public House is quite dim. Along one edge runs an impressive bar, with seating areas running along the outer edge of the restaurant. GC and I both loved the decorative pieces as they were definitely not something you’d usually see!

We decided to order the butcher’s choice to share, which was a rib-eye on the night, along with a couple of sides.

Beetroot salad

I am seriously obsessed with beetroot. I used to not like it but I just can’t get enough of it now, so when I saw beetroot salad on the menu, I could not budge from that. It was a sight to behold! Just look at the gorgeous colours of the beets! It was my first time having the yellow and pink beets. GC preferred the pink ones because they had less of an earthy taste. I still preferred the dark purple ones, but the yellow ones were surprisingly sweet.

The entire salad was very nice, and we were glad to have some greens. The only thing though, were the purees which were much too acidic and due to their viscosity, coated the leaves like their life depended on it! Otherwise, we enjoyed this dish very much.

Butcher’s choice (rib-eye)

The rib-eye came on a beautiful round white platter, with some red pepper puree, chimichurri and some unidentified yellow puree/sauce. I thought it was mustard, but it didn’t taste like it. Anyway, this was yum!!! Definitely satisfied our meat craving! I love how it was done medium-rare, which is perfect for me. I love to gnaw on bones, and it was quite difficult doing it in a civilised way at the restaurant, but it was quite fatty anyway. Out of all the sauces, I enjoyed the red pepper puree most. The chimichurri was decent, but GC and I agreed that Lapa’s chimichurri was much tastier.

Buttered greens

GC chose the buttered greens (beans & broccoli) as our second side. I actually am not a huge fan of butter and if there were situations when too much butter was added, this was one of them! Nevertheless, the greens were fresh and crunchy! Just way too much butter and salt for me!

Quite happy that we got to try a new place around Perth! The food was nice, but if I wanted my meats chargrilled, I would opt for Lapa or Hippo Creek. Public House also has these daily happy hour specials which sound quite interesting, so if you’re around that area, it’s worth popping in for a bit!

Public House Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^


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