[Eating Out]: Piccolo’s Corner – North Perth

Outdoor seating

A long-overdue catchup with my dimsum dollies (minus one because she’s based overseas now)! When I look for brunch places for Sundays, I am always astounded by how many are actually closed! Perhaps they don’t really do sit-down food service, but I would think the weekends would gather most of the crowd…? Well, it certainly gathers me, since I only have Sundays off! haha.

We needed to find a place nearby Subiaco as one of us were going back to work following our catchup, and so we landed upon Piccolo’s Corner! After seeing so many posts of the scrumptious-looking food on my IG stream, I knew this was a must-go.  And I am glad AS and JW’s brains also function on the same wavelength =P


Piccolo’s Corner is tiny inside! BUT do not be fooled, as they have a wonderful and beautiful outdoor seating area that’s vintage and whacky in style. Perfect for a cup of tea/coffee and cake, or in our case, brunch. 

Outdoor seating

We love the little vintage-style touches on everything, including this small sugar pot. It’s so cute! The bottle of sand behind it is the table number holder =P

Cute cups!

AS & JW’s short mac (?). I don’t drink coffee so these more avant-garde coffees’ names fail me hehe. After perusing the menu for a very long time, we all wanted everything but finally managed to narrow it down to a few choices!

Tarragon & garlic field mushrooms with homemade basil pesto

JW chose the Tarragon & garlic field mushrooms, served with wilted spinach, asparagus, basil pesto and poached egg on toasted ciabatta ($18.50). She said it was really good, especially the pesto. I tried some of the mushrooms and they were yummy and moreish, though the pesto had a bit too much parmesan for my liking.

Smashed pumpkin with danish fetta and poached egg

AS ordered the Smashed pumpkin, with danish fetta, wilted spinach on toasted ciabatta with homemade pesto and poached egg ($17.50). She absolutely loved this dish, and the pretty place was polished off with no difficulty! I was so inspired by this that I made a curried pumpkin and egg smash the following week! haha.

Smashed pea & avocado with smoked salmon  & poached egg

I was really torn between the 2 smoked salmon dishes, mainly because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish a large dish. I ended up choosing the Smashed Pea and avocado with lime, smoked salmon, balsamic glaze, rocket salad and a poached egg on toasted ciabatta ($18.50). Honestly, I seriously wanted egg, and since I didn’t see egg listed as an extra, I went for this bigger choice =) What in the world was I thinking? I finished this with no problems! haha. It was amazing, the smoked salmon was lovely and not too salty. The avocado and rocket salad was fresh and tasty. The egg was poached perfectly. I would have liked a bit more lime in  it (perhaps served with a lime wedge?) to add some acidity. It was a little dry after I ate the egg yolk, but it was delicious!

The other thing to note is their bread. IT. IS. SO. GOOD. All three of us could not stop exclaiming how good the bread was! It’s pillowy and soft, but with a great chewy crust. The crust of bread is one of the main things for me – I like crunchy and/or chewy crusts and this one fit the bill perfectly. I wonder where they get it from?

Prices are pretty much what you see at most cafes now in Perth, but definitely worth the quality and freshness. Service was a bit slow and our food took around 35-40mins to arrive, but they mentioned that upon ordering and I’m not sure if that’s the norm or if it’s because they were busy.

Definitely a place to visit (and revisit!) if you like to see more unique items on brunch menus. I know it’s not the last time I’ll be going! But for now, I need to work through the others on my list =P

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4 thoughts on “[Eating Out]: Piccolo’s Corner – North Perth

  1. Only been here once and I truely loved it :)! I never knew pumpkin could be so addictive!

    Their bread is also yummier as you have pointed out. Fluffy and thickly sliced. Great stuff haha.


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