[Eating Out]: Tuck Shop

Yeaaaaaah, this was quite a while ago =.=’ Ooops! Better late than never though, right? hehe.

GC and I were running in the HBF Run for a Reason, so we decided to have a brunch date with mum and dad after we crossed the finished line. We needed to fill our stomachs after our hard work! Whenever I finish exercising, I always like to have something fresh, with vegetables, etc. So instead of going to yum cha, we decided on the Tuck Shop instead.

Despite being very warm from the run, by the time GC and I walked to Tuck Shop from the finish line, it was pretty cold!! I was looking forward to a nice warm cup of chai latte, but sadly the one at Tuck Shop cafe was not satisfying =( It was too milky, not warm enough and there was just no chai flavour! Dad enjoyed his flat white and mum enjoyed her mocha though. And GC enjoyed his smoothie…clearly, the cold did not affect him much haha.

Dad, as always, wasn’t too hungry so he just got eggs on toast. We all love the bread at Tuck Shop, and their eggs are always perfectly done, no matter poached, fried or scrambled so Dad thoroughly enjoyed this.

We suggested Mum order the pork belly. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the egg completely cooked so Mum’s egg was kindly donated to one of us. This actually annoys me because it’s really not that hard to cook an egg well-done, but anyway, Mum enjoyed the potatoes, veg and pork belly.

GC ordered one of the special – braised lamb chops with vegetables, bacon and a fried egg. This was SO GOOD! The lamb smelt amazing and to be honest, we saw it on other tables and that pretty much made our decision to order this =P The meat was so tender, and the entire dish was packed pull of umami!

For some reason, I have no idea where the photo for my dish has gone! I was tossing up between the granola or another one of the specials. But I often make my granola so I went with the latter – asparagus, spinach & poached eggs on toasted sourdough with basil pesto. I admit, it was the asparagus and poached eggs that drew me to this hehe. This was such a fresh dish, but I found it quite oily from the pesto so if there was some more lemon to cut through the oiliness, that would’ve been good otherwise just less oil =)

All in all, a scrumptious brunch-turned-lunch =) It’s always a pleasure coming to Tuck Shop to see what they offer on the menu, and I have since concluded that they make too many yummy items that make my brain hurt trying to decide which to get. Does anyone else feel that? The best thing is to get a group of friends and just share everything! haha.

Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you all have a great start to the week!


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