[Eating out]: Bay 33 – Hillarys

I’m sure I’m not the only one but I have a long long list of food places to try, but unfortunately time does not work in my favour.
Brunch/lunch (never breakfast because mum is still sleeping!) with my parents is a bit spontaneous, and it usually depends on when my mum wakes up. Sometimes by the time she wakes, it’s too late to go yum cha because of the drive to NB plus the wait time. OR…we’ve already had a hearty breakfast and actually can’t stomach a heavy lunch. OR…both =P (sorry mum! haha). 

It’s always a headache deciding on a place for lunch north of the river near our house. A lot of places I want to try are south of the river, or east, or just generally quite a drive from my parents’ house. 
We’ve frequented Wild Fig and Voyage Kitchen many times, and their menu is less exciting now. A lot of places we’ve tried are also quite mediocre unfortunately.
Caesar salad with prawns
Bay 33 took over Wild Fig’s old venue, and it’s actually been open for a while but yes, this is how long we’ve taken to try it! Mum and Dad had it one day with friends and quite liked it so they suggested this place for a causal lunch along with my brother GC. 
Not surprisingly, Dad was still full from breakfast, so he just ordered a prawn caesar salad. The prawns were lightly grilled so they were a bit more fragrant and tasted like banana prawns =) The cos lettuce was fresh and crisp and the egg was poached nicely. Thumbs up from Dad. 
Pork belly, seared scallop, Asian slaw
Mum ordered the pork belly, which came with scallops and an “Asian slaw”. Unfortunately, the fat hadn’t been rendered properly, and the skin wasn’t crispy either. A bit of a disappointment for mum since she loves pork belly. The scallops, however, were fresh, and perfectly cooked! The salad was quite nice actually; the Thai flavours cut through the fattiness well. 
Grilled fish of the day

GC ordered the grilled fish of the day (in this case, barramundi), which came with a mountain of chips and greek salad. The chips were ordinary run-of-the-mill ones and GC didn’t enjoy them much since they were deliciously crispy. The fish was SO FRESH! Well grilled and not overcooked. GC enjoyed this and was surprisingly full afterwards.

Dukkah-crusted salmon, pappadums, avocado

I was torn between 2 dishes, but finally settled on the dukkah-crusted salmon with avocado and pappadums. I’ll be honest, the dukkah and the avocado sold it for me haha. The salmon was very fresh and very well-cooked. I requested medium-rare and that’s exactly what I received. The avocado salsa was just like guacamole, which is just awesome anyway.

I was honestly surprised by the quality of the food here (especially due to the Urbanspoon ratings) as I hadn’t expected the seafood to be that fresh, and so well-cooked too. The food is quite good value too – my salmon dish was $23.00, if memory serves me correct. I rarely see salmon on menus for less than $30! Apparently there was a change in management and it seems the urbanspoon ratings continue to reflect the quality from before. It was a welcome surprise for me regarding the quality of the food, and the friendly service so it’s a bit unfortunate about the ratings and “reputation” of Bay 33. Hopefully more people will try it out and they’ll gain popularity within the F&B field =)

Oh, their hot chocolate is run-of-the-mill powdered chocolate. So if your hot choc craving hits, save some space for San Churros at the marina instead =P

 Bay 33 Cafe on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day, everyone!


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