[Eating Out]: The Beaufort Street Merchant

Finally! This place has been on my to-go list since forever! More than two years in fact. Although I don’t like to dine out much, I’m becoming increasingly interested in the different types of cuisines, flavour pairings and cooking methods offered by restaurants.

It was just me & GC at home for dinner, so we decided to hit up one of our “To try” places. The problem was that it was Sunday…and so many on our list weren’t even open! In the end, we booked a table for TBSM.

Warm glows and cosy atmosphere

I love the look of the place. It never failed to catch my eye whenever I drove along Beaufort St frequently. The interior is very dim, but it’s got that really warm cosy feeling with the dark wood and yellow glow of the lights. It’s definitely a place suitable for some intimate dates or a quiet dinner with friends and family, but it’s happening enough to be great for a catch-up with friends over small eats and drinks. 

Pork cheek 

We each chose one dish to share, plus a side. GC chose the pork cheek. He said it was an interesting dish as he never had pork cheek before, and quite enjoyed it. We do think it could be a bit more tender though. Alas, our memory fails us and details of the puree and that ‘slab’ on the top have bid us goodbye. 

Kale, chorizo, Spanish red onions

Our side was sauteed kale with red onion and chorizo. This was the first time we ate cooked kale! I usually buy it for salads and smoothies. I expect most people would probably prefer kale cooked. It’s got this silky texture similar to spinach but still retains some bite. The chorizo was perfect in this, added some umami to the sweet red onions.

I enjoyed this so much, I was inspired at home and sauteed it with garlic, chilli and dried shrimp =P

Woodfire oven-roasted chicken
Surprisingly, I chose the woodfire oven-roasted chicken on Israeli couscous. I say “surprisingly” because I very rarely choose chicken – red meats or seafood are my main choice of protein anywhere! But I LOVE Israeli couscous; its texture is just amusing to eat =D Unfortunately, it was very cheesy…or creamy. Or both and I don’t like cheese, nor foods that are too creamy so I didn’t end up eating a lot of it…I did pick out all the mushrooms though hehe. The chicken remained moist and juicy, but all the flavour was just on the skin, and the meat was bland. The herbs and spices used were very nice though, with fennel, cumin and rosemary (and more I am sure). 
Imagine how much dessert/food you could spoon at once with these! I want these! Seriously…

The dessert menu didn’t entice us much, so we decided to go to Icey Ice in NB for some after-dinner sweet treats. Since I treated dinner, GC treated dessert hehe. Then we proceeded to roll our way to the car back home haha.

Given that it was a rainy and cold night, I am (A) surprised that I could even be bothered dressing nicely to leave the house, and (B) happy we both enjoyed the night and got some quality sister-brother bonding time =D

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day!

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