[CC Bakes]: S’more please?

I don’t really know what the hype about s’mores are. I think it’s truly an American thing, but do correct me if I’m mistaken! Despite this, I do think it would taste quite nice…I mean, what ISN’T nice with chocolate and toasted marshmallows? I rest my case.

It was V’s birthday last month…the first time I made a cake for her, her status was my brother JC’s girlfriend. Now, the status is his wife…my sister-in-law. So, this is the first cake I’ve made for her with her officially as my sister-in-law =)

We all headed out for a Korean feast which was so welcome because (1) it was cold, so the spicy soups warmed us up immensely, (2) I was super-craving kimchi and Korean cuisine in general, (3) I discovered that my fav Korean place now does an awesomely delicious braised galbi!

Anyway, back to the cake. I went through sooooo many drafts with this! From the actual components to the final decorative outlook. In the end, the cake took on this form…

Hands up if you also love torched marshmallows? =P I actually brought my brulee torch to the restaurant to play with fire brulee the tops of the marshmallows so that they were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

In the end, after numerous drafts, this was the final cake…

– vanilla chiffon
– dark chocolate mousse
– a hazelnut sable disc
– dark chocolate mousse
– topped with sable crumble and marshmallows.

I unfortunately made the sable disc a bit thick so it didn’t have that crisp crumbly texture like I’d hoped. I also think it’s because of the chocolate mousse encasing it and the moisture from that.

Nevertheless, we all enjoyed it. JC loved it and said it was the best cake I’ve made to date…but that’s just because he likes chocolate mousse! It was so fun making this cake and I suspect the marshmallows played a huge role! haha.

Happy Birthday, V! Hope you enjoyed the first cake as part of our family =) There will be many more to come!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day, everyone!


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