[Eating out]: Nine Fine Food

To be honest, I don’t really like to dine out too often because I’m a bigger fan of cooking. The main reason I eat out is to experience different cooking techniques and see how chefs pair different ingredients and cooking styles – it’s something that intrigues me greatly.

Or…if I end uni late and by the time I get home and cook, it’ll be 8:30pm by which time I’ll be starving and on the brink of dying. Ok I exaggerate but you get the point =P This was one of those nights, yet another spontaneous dinner with my brother GC!

We’ve always wanted to visit Nine Fine Food, but having a large family and fussy eaters makes it a bit difficult so this was a good choice for just the two of us.

Agedashi Toothfish (Patagonian toothfish, soft tofu, mushrooms, wakame in agedashi broth)

We chose the 4-course Osusume set menu because GC was hungry, but by the end of the meal, we decided the 3-course would be enough! We were incredibly full!

GC started off with the Agedashi Toothfish, which sat atop agedashi tofu, in a light dashi broth. The tempura for both the toothfish and tofu were spot-on. Light, crunchy and not doughy. The mushrooms in the dashi broth were a welcomed addition for me (GC doesn’t like mushrooms much) and the broth, though salty for me, was umami. Thumbs up for this!

Sashimi (fresh sashimi combination)

I chose the sashimi which was ok. It wasn’t the best I’ve had in Perth, particularly the tuna which was quite sinewy. The salmon was superb though. I do wish their dressings were less overpowering as to not cover the sweetness of the seafood.

Pork & Pork (pork belly, grilled fillets, tempura bacon, apple mango chilli sauce) 

Next up for GC for Pork & Pork. He said it was nice, but unfortunately the pork belly had non-existent crackle and it was quite gummy and chewy. The pork fillet was a bit dry in my opinion, but saved with the sauce. GC liked the tempura bacon most, or what I referred to as a little morsel of a heart attack =P

Lamb & Scallop (braised lamb shoulder, grilled scallop, balsamic soy dressing)

I chose Lamb & Scallop for my second course. This was amazing! The lamb had been slow-cooked then shredded and placed in moulds then panfried. It was soft, melt-in-your-mouth and packed full of flavour was fresh and will semi-raw which is exactly how I like it. I hate overcooked scallops! I wish there was more of the salsa to cut through the richness of the lamb though!

Chicken & Lamb (marinated fried chicken, poached chicken breast, lamb back strap fillets, vegetable pancake, balsamic soy dressing)

For his third course, GC chose Chicken & Lamb. The lamb was so good! The photo’s a bit dark, but the lamb was pink but not raw. I liked the lentils on top of the chicken. GC’s favourite of the dish was the lamb and the karaage, as he found the poached chicken breast a bit dry.

Barramundi & Prawn (barrumundi fillet, garlic chilli prawns, vegetable pancake, plum miso and chilli sauce) 

I chose the Barrumundi & Prawn. I was most intrigued by the plum miso sauce which is why I chose this dish. The barrumundi was incredibly fresh and perfectly-cooked. Fork-tender, smooth and just plain yummy. The plum miso sauce was very strong though, and I couldn’t quite taste the plum as the miso seemed to overpower it. Unfortunately the prawns are those cheapo imported prawns rather than fresh, which was a disappointing eat, everything else on the plate was good.

Kurogoma gelato, Matcha brulee

Dessert time! I chose the kurogoma icecream and GC chose the matcha brulee both of which we shared. The icecream was so good! Very robust kurogoma taste (one of my favourites!) and the addition of salted crumble and adzuki beans added some texture and flavour contrast, which is my favourite!

The matcha brulee was also good, though lacking a robust matcha flavour, or maybe we both just like it stronger…? haha. Some people might think it’s not set enough, but I like my brulees on the softer side so I was happy with the texture.

There were some hit & misses, but overall a great night and definitely worth a try. As mentioned, we were incredibly full after so if there’s a next time, I’m definitely going a la carte or getting the 3-course set menu! Apologies for the poor photos! It’s very dim in the restaurant, and I only had my iphone =(

I’m not really a huge fan of fusion Japanese…I like my Japanese food traditionally prepared with classic flavours, but this was still an interesting experience, from which I have gotten some cooking ideas =P

I think it’s definitely a place to try, especially if you’re interested in more modern Japanese food. The setting is nice and quiet, and we saw quite a few couples there (presumably having date nights =)).

Nine Fine Food
227 Bulwer St (Cnr. Lake St. & Bulwer St),
(08) 9227 9999

Nine Fine Food on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading!! ^^


5 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Nine Fine Food

  1. Hahaha I have to say you were right about liking more traditional Japanese restaurants. At the same time, Nine Fine is quite an interesting place too I find :)! Especially the decent price of their Osusume :)!


  2. haha, maybe a trip to Kanta in Langford will make you happy! That place is a true hidden gem if you are willing to drive :0! Give it a try if you haven't yet


  3. Thanks, CC! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbanspoon profile picture is displayed on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you prefer, and can change a few other blog settings there. Also, if you vote for a restaurant that you've reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post everywhere on our site.






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