[CC Travels]: Busselton – Margaret River 2014

All packed & ready to go! 

A couple of weeks ago, my procrastisister DT and I took a short trip to Busselton. But this wasn’t any ordinary trip..it was a writing retreat. Yes, you read correctly, a writing retreat. We are both so busy with uni work and sometimes we need the time to really just sit down and concentrate on work with no other distractions.

It sounds boring, right? But it wasn’t! Far from it! It was so good to get away from our routine in Perth, especially for me, as I had begun to feel burnt out for the previous semester. Of course we fitted in some relax time too! See what we got up to!

We had planned this writing retreat for most of the year already, but then we spotted a groupon voucher for a 4-night stay at Sandy Bay Holiday Park so we snatched it up without further ado. Definitely nothing I should have been doing since my wallet is unfortunately feeling a bit too light lately (for the past 2 months actually =.=’)!

Naturally, we pack food there. haha. Before the drive, we headed to Subi markets to pick up groceries so that we could cook ourselves. Not only to save money but because we both LOVE cooking so much (and it’s healthier). We got up to so much cooking mischief and I discovered DT’s mutual love for garlic…a. lot. of. garlic! We roasted about 4 bulbs during the time we were there!

First dinner…spiced pumpkin soup & Lawley’s bread

Roasted chestnuts and my work =P 

We also needed snacks! So enter chestnuts! We oven-roasted, fireplace-roasted, and boiled them because we bought a huge bag…and proceeded to finish it, which we weren’t expecting!

You may also think it’s crazy but we brought DT’s slow cooker to make some Chinese soup. It was quite cold in Perth so we wanted some nice warm soup whilst we worked =) Brilliant idea! We popped everything in late at night, and soup was ready for the next day’s lunch =) 

Chinese herbal chicken soup with spinach
Roasted sweet potato (orange, Hawaiian), roasted garlic. 

For me, fireplace = roasted sweet corn and sweet potato..and garlic =P This was great! The sweet potato cooked so nicely, and it was charcoal-y and tender and sweet, and just plain YUM! Really wish I had a fireplace to make this more often!

I promise that we did do lots of work too!!! haha. Despite all the cooking and food, we were actually quite productive. DT and I both work well together, and plus, wi-fi was a pay-by-use system there and with nothing to procrastinate with (except cooking and eating), we had no choice but to work.

Busselton Beach 

Busselton Jetty

DT’s birthday happened to fall during the retreat so we decided to have a day off and drive around the Margaret River region. She hadn’t been before so we visited a few wineries I usually go to, and also anything else she wanted…like cheese factories. Seriously, that girl can eat cheese like there’s no tomorrow!

It was a really nice day out to recharge our tired brains from hardcore work the previous day, and also to prepare ourselves for more hardcore work the following day.

Lunch platter at Cullen Wines

Millers icecream!

Of course CANNOT miss out on Miller’s icecream!! This is my new must-go place in MR! 2 scoops each…passionfruit, apple pie, pannacotta, mascarpone & fig. All were so incredibly good…creamy and smooth. We didn’t feel it was enough and wish we got triple scoops…because we are gluttons like that. Has anyone been here before?

Trying to be healthy with roast pumpkin & corn salad. 

All that icecream-eating needs to be offset with exercise and healthy food too! Here’s a post-insanity lunch =) We tried to make the most of the sunshine, but about 1min after snapping a pic, it started drizzling =.=’ fail.

Our little fireplace =) We miss you! 

Lastly, I leave you with our beautiful fireplace. We decided that we’re both really good cavewomen and we became experts in lighting fires! haha. The fireplace is something we both missed most when we came back to Perth because it really kept the entire house warm, and the smell was so comforting.

It was such a productive and fun few days, exactly what I needed to get lots of work done and have a small recharge after a hectic semester. We loved it so much, we’re already planning another one in December this year in the warmer weather so we can visit the beach during our break times =)

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week, everyone!


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