[CC Bakes]: For a special someone!

I’m not proud saying this but my aunt on my Mum’s side is someone I feel I under-appreciate a lot. She looked after me when I was a teeny tiny baby in HK, and also when she came to Perth, she’s always looked out for me and invited me to fun things like a weekend retreat to Dunsborough with her church cell group.

Given my ‘poor student status’, there isn’t much I can do for her (not that she would NEED my help anyway since she’s so strong!), but small things like this…baking a cake filled with love on her birthday.

Last year I made her a tiramisu cake, as per her request. Although this year’s blueberry crumble cake is very understated comparatively, each and every step was done with her and her health in mind.

Blueberry crumble cake

I added more blueberries because I know she likes fruity muffins with lots of liu (fillings). Less sugar was used because of fluctuating glucose levels. No butter was used, and instead yoghurt was used in the cake batter and olive oil in the crumble because she said she’s trying to lose weight. A heart-shaped cake tin was used as a representation of my love for her.

Unfortunately I was unable to pass it to her due to work commitments, but when I told her it would be nicer lightly warmed, you know what she said?

“Oh…I finished it already! But will remember that for next time. It was yummy!”

Comments like this, though nothing fancy or sugar-coated, just warm my heart. Knowing she enjoyed the cake baked specially for her late at night is the biggest compliment.

Hope you had a lovely week of celebrations with Mum, and your friends! Wishing you are blessed with good health, happiness, success and now, love =)

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


2 thoughts on “[CC Bakes]: For a special someone!

  1. Great way to spend the free time after exams hey? Looks like another fine product from you :)!

    Your family is so lucky to have a baking daughter! Breakfast is probably sorted for the rest of their lives haha!


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