[Eating out]: Voyage Cafe – Hillarys

Bread, lavosh, dips

Having a busy schedule like mine, coupled with FT work for Mum makes it difficult for us to have some quality mother-daughter bonding time. When I leave for uni, the sun isn’t up, let alone my Mum. When I get home, it’s already quite late and I just have a quick simple dinner alone, or it’s late enough for me to just shower and sleep.

Hence, I really cherish days like this where I can just have a meal with Mum to catch up on what we’ve been up to, and of course to just rant and rave about things.

I decided to go home after church service on Sunday instead of going back to uni and we both hadn’t had lunch so we went to Voyage Cafe along West Coast Highway for a quick lunch. I’ve been here before and generally the food is not too bad. However, I can’t say the same for this particular day.

I admit that I’m a bit bored of the menu so there wasn’t a lot that really jumped out at me. In the end, we got some drinks and 2 dishes to share.

First up was the bread & dips. I absolutely love bread and dips. I don’t know what it is about smearing a whole load of dip onto the bread that just makes me eat and eat and eat. On this occasion, the dips were an olive tapenade, avocado, roasted capsicum and cashew. Mum liked the roasted capsicum one most, but this had a lot of parmesan in it and I don’t like cheese so I preferred the other two. The avocado was a bit one-dimensional though, a bit too creamy and lacking texture.

The downfall of this dish was the break and lavosh crackers, the former of which was dry and the latter stale. I mentioned it to the waiter when he came around to check on us how it was, and he actually surprised us by coming out with a bowl of fresh ciabatta. Despite the subpar quality of the dish, I do commend his service.

Thai-style prawns, “asian slaw”
Next up was the thai-style grilled prawns. This was quite disappointing. The prawns weren’t fresh ones – clearly the frozen imported prawns, and it didn’t really have much flavour. The “asian slaw” was limp and lacking flavour. I expected it to be reminiscent of Thai papaya salad but was mistaken. My favourite thing on the board was the yoghurt dip which actually went very well with the olive tapenade. 
The salad was haphazardly put together. When we ordered, we asked for no fetta, but it came with fetta so we told the waitress because both Mum and I don’t take fetta (I know, we sound so fussy but we usually aren’t!). What came back was this “salad” of tomato, those few leaves of spinach and 2-3 olives. It was clear the same attention wasn’t given to this and it was a bit of a disappointment.
It’s unfortunate that the food was less than enjoyable, but at least the company made up for it. Oh and my juice was pretty good! I always enjoy their juice with beetroot in it =) 
I’d suggest stick with Norma’s salsa and the Voyage Club if you pay a visit here, but I am definitely open to suggestions!
See what we had last time when I went with GC!

Voyage Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Have a great Friday night and weekend!!

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