[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday!


As you may have noticed, I love baking and cooking. When I see others enjoying what I bake/cook for them, it warms my heart. One thing that I love doing is making birthday cakes for my family. We don’t all have sweet tooths, and many of the store-bought cakes are laden with sugar and/or cream or something else that’s just a little too much for our palate.

To be honest, sometimes I do wonder why I bother making the cakes. They aren’t welcome with excitement, and no one really gives me much feedback. If they like it, many wouldn’t say “it’s really nice”. I don’t fish for compliments, but when you lose sleep over making birthday cakes, it’s nice to hear that they do enjoy it and appreciate my labour.

Still, it doesn’t stop me from making them =) So who was this cake for?

It’s for my dear older brother, JC.

JC is quite the coffee conneisseur (or at least that’s what I call him) so I knew I wanted to make him a coffee-based cake this year. I had made tiramisu cake twice before so I wanted to make something a little different but still with strong coffee flavours.

After numerous revisions, I decided to go with simple components. Vanilla coffee sponge, dark chocolate ganache, coffee creme patissiere.

Layers – sponge, creme patissiere, ganache 

Despite losing large amounts of sleep over this, JC really enjoyed it. The coffee creme patissiere was incredibly fragrant and smooth, if I may say so myself =P

JC actually asked me what the cafe was called and in my fatigued and surprised state, I could only come up with this. “CC’s coffee chocolate ganache cake”. Needless to say the name needs work, and JC complained it was too long =P

A simple birthday celebration wtih dinner and cake, in his new home. It was his first birthday celebrating as a newly-married man in his own home which makes it extra special! Wishing you an abundance of blessings, JC, in you health, happiness and career. Love you.

Thanks for reading! ^^ 

PS. Apologies for the grainy cover photo – it was 5am and too early for the sun to have risen!


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