[CC Bakes]: Happy Birthday to my not-so-baby brother!!

Happy Birthday, GC! 

I just realized that I never posted about the cake I baked for my brother, GC last year! I have no idea how I let it slip but it doesn’t surprise me since I have been terribly busy. Anyway, so as usual, I asked GC what flavours he wanted in his cake and he said “something green tea, or pistachio”.

The previous year (2012), I made a croquembouche for his 21st with puffs filled with matcha creme patissiere and adzuki bean paste. Last year (2013), I made a matcha and adzuki cake for my nan. Since I had used matcha for them already, I decided to make a pistachio-based cake for him. 

Although I love pistachios, I haven’t made many pistachio-based bakes before. I’m not sure why but I do suspect it’s because the pistachios always end up in my tummy before they get baked into a cake =P Anyway, I was racking my brains trying to think of what would pair nicely with pistachio, which admittedly was quite difficult. Chocolate and pistachio was a bit too plain in my opinion, and the strawberries weren’t very sweet at that time of the year so that was crossed off the list too.

The innards

In the end, I went with pistachio and raspberry, which turned out to be delicious! The nuttiness of the pistachio paired well with the sweet-tart raspberry. I was also inspired by my travels (and eating) in Melbourne so I ended up planning a few components for the cake, nothing too fancy because I’m quite amateur so can’t make it too complicated!

The components were a chocolate crunch base with pistachio and rice puffs, pistachio sponge, raspberry mousse, raspberry gelee, chocolate glaze.

GC really enjoyed it and it was definitely different to the cakes we’ve had for all our previous birthdays. The mousse didn’t turn out as smooth as I wanted but practice will make perfect, I’m sure =)

I’m so glad GC enjoyed the cake – he loved the statement the chocolate curl and pistachio dust made! Admittedly, it is one of the more modern-looking cake decorations I’ve made. But after making the curl, I decided that I really need to invest in some cake-decorating utensils. Do you know how I made that curl? Well, I put melted chocolate on a strip of baking paper then taped it around a slim sauce bottle =.=’ GC and I were pretty impressed with the creativeness though =P hehe.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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