[CC Bakes]: 祝我親愛的爸爸生日快樂!!

At the start of the new year, I plan my family’s birthday cakes for the year. I think about what kind of flavours they’d enjoy, the time of season and try to incorporate them into my cakes for them.

After Dad realised his new-found love for sticky date pudding at Hyatt Cafe, I was planning to make him a sticky date cake with some caramelised nuts on top. Nothing too sweet because he doesn’t like the butterscotch sauce too much. But after one conversation with him in Sydney, plans had to be changed…to what I wonder? =P

Me: Dad! What birthday cake do you want this year? I’ll make you one again =)
Dad: Just something simple is fine…like a sponge cake with cream.
Me: Like the fresh fruit one from Regent Cakes?
Dad: Yeah that one is nice!
Me: Ok! I’ll make that for you..are you sure you want that? You can request anything!
Dad: Yep, that’ll be fine.

So, I decided to make him a CC-style sponge cake layered with fruits and cream.

It’s such a simple combination, yet it’s delicious and everyone enjoyed it. The main thing is that this was specially made for my dearest Daddy whom enjoyed it very much.

Hope you had a lovely birthday, Dad, and enjoyed the feast I cooked up for you and the cake I made for you! Though we don’t spend a lot of time together anymore because of lack of time, this meal and cake was prepared with my love and care for you.

Wishing you the very best of health and happiness, and many more of my homemade cakes to come!

Love you ❤

Thanks for reading!! ^^

See what I baked for Dad last year!


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