[CC Bakes]: An unusual birthday "cake"

This year my Nan’s birthday popped up without me realising and I just didn’t have any time to make a comprehensive cake like my previous ones. She said she didn’t want one, but when was that ever an excuse to stop me baking one? haha.

My Nan is quite picky with her eating now – she doesn’t eat a lot of foods because of what she’s heard her friends say. In addition, she was taking traditional Chinese medicine for leg pain so there are a few things she wasn’t eating due to that as well. I don’t actually know *what* she can’t/doesn’t want to eat preventatively because she can drink milk but can’t eat yoghurt (so it’s not because it’s dairy so I don’t really understand).

It was hard coming up with a “safe” cake for her, so in the end I decided to make an osmanthus and wolfberry jelly “cake” for her because it has a much lower sugar content, and also health benefits from the osmanthus and wolfberries.

Apologies for the poor photo – I didn’t have time to take a photo except for when we ate it after dinner.

Thanks for reading! ^^ 


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