[Eating Out]: Sayers Sister

I swear I must be one of the last few people to jump on Sayers bandwagon! The Sayers and Sayers Sister branches have been on my list of “cafes to try” for so long but it’s seriously taken me THIS long to try one of the two. It was a rare Sunday where I was a bit more free from uni work (surprisingly). Mum didn’t have plans because Dad was helping my sister with DIY work, and my brother GC was also free to spare some time for lunch! 
We were tossing up between the Tuck Shop or Sayers Sister, both in Northbridge, but because we hadn’t been to the latter, we decided to try there. 

Homemade potato hashbrown, bacon, poached eggs, spinach & salad

Sayers Sister is such a cute little shop – the layout invites communal dining and I think it would be great for a coffee and cake catch-up with some friends. They have a gorgeous display of cakes and other knick-knacks on the big communal bench, a little too much that it’s slightly too cluttered for my OCD personality though haha.

The menu had quite a few enticing things but we *finally* managed to narrow it down and each chose something, then just shared.

GC chose the potato hash which came with bacon, poached eggs, spinach and rocket as well. This was absolutely huge. I saw another table get it while I was ordering and when I got back to our table, I was like “your dish is HUGE!”. But he still finished it – guess that shows it was yummy!

breakfast bruschetta – tomato, bocconcini, bacon, basil pesto, poached egg, balsamic glaze

We ordered the breakfast bruschetta for Mum which had tomato, bocconcini, bacon, poached egg and basil pesto. One of my gripes for restaurants is when they don’t make accommodations. Now, I completely understand that it makes things more difficult for the kitchen if people ask for big changes in meals. But Mum doesn’t like runny yolks, or poached eggs much really, and the kitchen wasn’t flexible enough to change the poached egg to a fully cooked fried egg. I would think that a fried egg isn’t really that big of a change, but I’d love to hear what others think! Is it unreasonable? They were, however, happy to poach the egg til cooked but Mum was still wary of the yolk and hence it came to GC and I.

Mum thought this was still nice but the toast at the bottom ended up being laden with oil from the bacon and the oil used to toast the bread. I think the tomato cut through the greasiness of the bacon but the dish ended up being deceptively heavy on the stomach.

cumin beans tagine – poached egg, babaganoush, basil pesto 

I couldn’t decide what to get! The granola sounded great and after my morning run, I felt like I needed that…but then the pancakes also sounded good! Oh, then I spotted the beans tagine! Gosh, I couldn’t decide but in the end, I settled on the cumin beans tagine because I wanted egg and there was babaganoush!

The flavour in this was amazing. It was rich with tomato taste and spices. I just wish there was a little bit more cumin in it as it did start to taste a bit one-dimensional. I loved the poached egg and delightfully dipped my bread to soak up the runny yolk. I have a certain affinity with eggs…as my friend KT ever-so-nicely puts it, “there’s people who like eggs, then there’s you…you’re in a different universe that way”.

I did feel the babaganoush was a little unnecessary in the dish, though I really liked it on its own. The basil pesto, on the other hand, was a great addition. The fragrant herbs lent a nice flavour that obviously compliments tomato perfectly. The tagine was filled with beans – broad beans, canneloni beans, and chickpeas. I was so full after this it lasted me all through til dinner!

It was a great lunch with Mum and GC – it had been so long since GC and I had taken a break, and the weather was perfect too.

It gets quite crowded – we went at 1pm on a Sunday and thankfully didn’t have to wait long for a table, but it was quite busy inside!

Sayers Sister
236 Lake St,
(08) 9227 7506

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!


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