Sculptures by the Sea 2014 – Cottesloe

My favourite of the lot! 

I’m not really a beach-type person…actually, not at all. But for some reason in the past year, I’ve been enjoying being out and about in the sunshine that blesses Perth and have made a few frequent trips to the beach with one of my good friends RT.

Every year, I always want to go to Sculptures by the Sea, but I always end up forgetting about it. This year, I’m being more mindful about giving myself some time off and decided to come here one morning with RT to check it out.

It was a beautiful day…slightly cool which resulted in a lot of motivation to get into the water. You see, RT and I were adamant to try tread water for 10min because of a scuba-diving course pre-requisite. So glad we managed to get in the water AND catch the sculptures before they were taken down.

To be honest, it was pretty cool but it didn’t really blow my socks off. Maybe I was too hyped up about it?

RT and I both found this quite freaky. It also reminded me of the last 2 Harry Potter books where Voldemort takes over the Ministry of Magic and the statue in the foyer is made up of twisted bodies of muggles (I realise this may be gibberish to a lot of people, but other Harry Potter enthusiasts will understand!! haha). 

See? It’s freaky, right??

It was such a beautiful day! The water was actually quite choppy although it looks very calm and still in the photo above. After our attempt to tread water, RT’s and my legs were kinda like jelly…and we had a not-so-glamorous exit from the water due to the waves pushing us and making us nearly lose balance. So much for those sexy hair-flipping exits you see in adverts and movies =.=’

We were lucky to not fall over completely! It’s fine for RT who’s newly engaged but I’m still single so it doesn’t help in that department, does it? hehe

This reminded me of shark fins in the sea

It was a short visit to the beach because I had to rush back to uni for the afternoon, but I’m glad RT and I were able to catch up before we both got busy with uni and work, and we managed to see the sculptures before too late =)

Thanks for reading! ^^ 


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