[CC Bakes]: Brazilian Cheese Puffs, "Pao de Queijo"

Sometimes my Dad goes shopping and wants to buy loads of things, which he then proceeds to forget about and never eats! This was a case of “need to use this up before it expires” baking =P

We had a pack of parmesan cheese leftover from some pizza/pasta night but it’s been a while since anyone has even touched it (except for me when I made cheesy scrambled eggs for Dad). So, I decided to make some Pao de Queijo, or Brazilian Cheese Puffs =)

 Now, I’m not an expert baker, but out of all the things I’ve baked, this is by far the easiest! I just can’t believe how simple it was – literally one bowl (or rather, my food processor) was used.

Alien shapes! 

I used this recipe, and churned out 24 in my mini muffin pan. Just make sure you oil the pan well otherwise they do stick. Some of mine stuck and I had to really use a knife to unstick them…then I proceeded to squash them because I was slightly too heavy handed haha.

Nevertheless, my family loved them! I don’t eat cheese much – only a very select few and parmesan is one of my most hated cheeses so unfortunately I couldn’t bear the cheesy “stench” =( These are better warm I imagine, because they are nice and chewy but tend to stiffen slightly when cooled.

Now, I wonder what else needs finishing in the fridge? =P

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Enjoy your Thursday, everyone!


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