[HK 2014]: Wong Tai Sin Temple

Having been shopping the previous few days, I decided to be a tourist and head to Wong Tai Sin Temple. I was going to go the nunnery as well, but I got tired and needed some sustenance first =P

Wong Tai Sin, a Taoist temple, covers quite a large area and includes a number of different temples and also a garden of good wishes. You can read more about the temple here, but for now, I’ll just share some photos with you.

I’ve always been a little interested in the praying process at the temples, but I’m not entirely familiar with it so I usually steer clear of it lest I invite bad fortune upon myself, or inadvertently offend others. There’s an entire row of stores doing fortune telling from the lines on your hand, but only two stores were open for business the morning I went. Perhaps I went too early?


 Dragon – my favourite =)

So many people!

I’m not sure if it was due to CNY, but there was a display of the 12 Chinese zodiac statues. They all looked quite majestic and the detail was amazing. I’m hoping the pictures do them some kind of justice, but it was really too hard to photograph them without having 10 heads popping into my photo due to the crowd (cf. the above photo)! The day I went was extremely crowded with HK locals and tourists! It’s so difficult to get a good shot of the place without having random photobombs! I managed to escape the crowd and grab a few shots before they came rushing in.

There’s also a garden there, which made me wish my garden looked so perfectly pruned all the time haha. It was pretty peaceful and serene walking through the garden, but it somehow didn’t look as beautiful and pristine as other Chinese gardens I’ve been to. The best was in NZ and they had all this bamboo around so my siblings and I pretended we were in a kung fu movie and climbed up the bamboo…haha. But I digress…

Although I don’t know how to appreciate art, detailed sculptures never fail to capture my attention. Just look at the detail on this pole?

My favourite zodiac of all – the dragon! This looks kind of angry though =( haha

It’s quite simple to get to Wong Dai Sin – it’s right next to Wong Dai Sin MTR station so all you have to do is make your way to the MTR station and find the correct exit, which isn’t really hard because there are many signs. You can then head to Diamond Hill as well, to see the nunnery.

Coincidentally, there was a shooting for a program. I think it’s one of those household-style reports like “Public Forum” on TVB. Naturally, being Asian and in HK, I just have to stop and “bat kwa” about it and snap at picture =P They were introducing Wong Tai Sin and saying something about how many people will be there worshipping. I think it was largely safety-based, but I soon decided to head off to find some food instead…

There’s also a small shopping centre nearby, so I went to have a quick browse and ended up buying new runners. Of all places, I buy runners from here…it’s just so random!

Definitely worth a visit if you’re Taoist, or interested in the culture. I loved all the buildings, their colours and complex details. Too bad I’m such a poor photographer =(

So that concludes my posts about my HK trip. It was short but sweet =) Hope you all enjoyed reading this quick recap of some of the attractions I went to!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the day & week, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “[HK 2014]: Wong Tai Sin Temple

  1. Just had a good time stalking all your HK posts!

    Damn I miss my short trips to HK when I am going for holidays! So much food :)! I saw you had the “Ha Zhi” lou mein in Sam Shui Po! It did not quite tickle my fancy when I was there a last time. But all of a sudden, I feel like having a serve of that right now @@!


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