[HK 2014]: Tai Koo, Island East Markets

I love going to farmers markets. In Perth, we’re blessed with various farmer’s markets and some are even quite accessible (most are quite out of the way though). On days where I actually have time to pay a visit, it’s a nice way for me to relax and take in nature whilst emptying my mind of the million things on my mind.

It’s pretty rare to hear of farmers markets in HK, given the concrete jungle this city epitomises. However, since 2013, Island East Markets has been set up and after seeing photos of it on my IG feed (cf., @mochacholatarita, @minnie2mac), it quickly made its way on my “to go” list. Just as well that I had one Sunday free before the rest of my family arrived, so I decided to make the LONG trek (seriously, it’s SO FAR from my home!)

I have to cross to HK Island from Hung Hom
Since young, I’ve loved the signs written on the road.

Island East Markets is situated in Quarry Bay, and from my place, I can take the 106 bus and then walk a few hundred metres. Not surprisingly, I got off way too early because I forgot which stop I needed to alight at and I didn’t have data to check Mr. Google Maps. So, it was a long walk there, but I managed to see what it’s like in this part of HK (I rarely frequent here).
Anyway, the markets are open every Sunday morning and like most farmer’s markets, has stalls with fresh locally-grown produce that may or may not be organic (depends which stall). There’s also handmade handicrafts, and other edibles such as yoghurt, tea, jamon, bratwurst, the famous lobster rolls etc.
Learn how to make pizza!
I’m not sure if this is the norm but on the day I went, there was a pizza-making stand where you can sign up to learn how to make pizza…and then eat it, I presume. 
Jamon, and assorted goods.
The most random and unexpected thing happened at the markets! I walked past the store with the jamon and one of the girls looked awfully familiar (I think the others manning the store must’ve wondered why I was just staring at them!). I then plucked up the courage to ask if she was one of the bloggers whose blogs I’ve read over the years, and it turns out it was! We had a lovely, albeit short and shellshocked, chat, exchanged numbers and decided to keep in touch! It was lovely to meet ET, and I can’t wait to get to know her more. Hope you’re settling into Sydney well, ET! =) 

I don’t know what this veg is called, but it looks yum!

After I had a stroll and tasted a lot of different produce, I headed back towards North Point and had a stroll there. I randomly passed by a household items shop with stainless steel platters, etc so I bought a few haha. I was really hoping to come across some street snacks but didn’t spot any =( 

Overall, it was quite an adventure since it was so far from my home, and a bit tiring since I walked quite a bit too. Let’s me discount the insane number of calories I consumed though =P  The markets, though smaller than I expected, was a nice change from the hustle bustle of HK life. I think it’s good for young couples and families to go there and chill out.
Taikoo Place at Island East

The markets are currently on break until April 13th, but they’ll be back with a fresh new look so keep your eyes peeled for that! 
Island East Markets
Tong Chong Street, 
TaiKoo Place,
港島東農墟 , 鰂魚涌 ,
 港島東 . 太古坊 . 糖廠街
**Open every Sunday 11am – 6pm
For another review of the markets, see Mochachocolatarita. Her blog is awesome!
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week ahead, everyone! 
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