[HK 2014]: Sham Sui Po

Sham Sui Po is one of the older more grassroots suburbs of HK that I’ve been wanting to visit since forever. Many times when we go to HK, I’m with Mum and we have a lot of household errands to run (e.g., buying “hoi mei”, medicine, household goods). I managed to have a half-day outing with my older cousin and I coerced him to come with me instead of staying home…and doing his homework (oops!). 

Although my cousin is younger, his mum (i.e., my Aunty) is from Sham Sui Po so they frequent the place numerous times and he knows his way around VERY WELL! 

Being a little foodie, I was so sure Sham Sui Po had some well-known eats so I asked my Aunty and she gave a few suggestions and one of them was Lau Sam Kee. This was perfect because that’s exactly where I wanted to go to try the prawn roe noodles!

The place is tiny and packed, with a line forming outside the door. Luckily we only waited <5min before we saw a guy leaving. It was quite easy since there were only 2 of us, but if you have 3-4 people, you may have to wait longer or sit separately.
Oh man, this was SO GOOD! We don’t have “har zi” in Perth and I love that stuff so I was elated to see it cover the noodles in its entirety! The wonton noodles were perfect for me – springy and chewy, but that’s because I like chewier and harder noodles. Those who prefer soft noodles may not like the texture of the noodles. It was a little dry, because of the powdery har zi, but nothing that couldn’t be solved by drinking some MSG soup…haha or water. The wontons were lovely and full of prawns, but nothing to elicit “omgoodness, these are the BEST wontons ever!” response.
After lunch, we strolled around. I bought some CNY decorations for home, and spotted a few bargains for clothes as well.
Of course we can’t miss out on the street food! I didn’t manage to photograph it, but we had fried intestines – this is my cousin’s favourite, but a little too salty and greasy for me. I prefer mine braised.

I squealed like a small girl when I saw this uncle’s cart with charcoal-roasted sweet potato. I absolutely love this! It’s a favourite of mine and Mum’s, and I was a bit down that I couldn’t share the deliciousness with her as we didn’t spot any when she arrived (same goes for chestnuts =( boo).

This uncle used orange sweet potatoes which was still nicely charcoal, but this method is best with the yellow and purple ones which are much sweeter and fragrant.
It was great to visit Sham Sui Po – although it’s just another suburb, I love how different the pace and the architecture is. Not that it’s ever a good thing, but some buildings are so run-down you can tell there’s a long history behind them!
Oh! And if you ever watched the TVB program with “Law Ba”, this is where it was filmed! Yet another point of excitement…not that I recognised anything from the drama =P
Went on to walk around Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok with my Aunty that evening and guess what? We came across piping hot fresh bolo bao from Kam Wah!!!! Kam Wah is very famous for its bolo yau (bolo bau with a thick slab of butter in the middle), but we were happy enough with a takeaway bolo bao to eat while walking. Indeed it was quite delectable, but I feel that other bakeries’ bolo bao can be of that standard too, and if you get it fresh from the oven, it’s really on par.

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Stay tuned for my other posts on my HK trip =)

Have a nice day!

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