[HK 2014]: Snippets of my HK life

en route to Quarry Bay

So from December 2013 to the first week of February 2014, my stomach has literally not stopped being filled with insane amounts of food and digesting said food. Most recently in Jan-Feb 2014, I have managed to gorge non-stop in my favourite city, and my hometown, Hong Kong.

Thank goodness my brother, JC’s, wife is from HK too which meant we also held a wedding dinner there for her side of the family. In other words, it was a free holiday! haha.

Here’s some snippets to tide you over while I organise my next few posts =) 

I went a few days earlier and I am so glad I took this break – I was getting so tired of my mundane routine in Perth. I welcomed the change in environment with open arms, my stomach thanked me for filling it with some of my favourite foods, and my waistline and butt now hate me. You can never win.

I usually go to HK with Mum so we are usually travelling around the city together but this time I was all alone for the first few days, and it was such a different experience!I was able to explore so many different places, including places to which we rarely venture. I went to the usual places like Mongkok, Jordan and Tsim Sa Tsui, but also headed to Quarry Bay for the Island East Markets, North Point, Sham Sui Po, Harbour City and Wong Tai Sin.

It’s not possible to pass by Yee Shun and not grab some of their delicious double-skinned steamed milk. Not to mention Hui Lau Shan’s many mango desserts!

 Yee Shun – steamed egg, ginger steamed milk, double-skinned steamed milk

Hui Lau Shan – Mango sago with glutinous rice balls & mango icecream

After a busy 2013 and start to 2014 with all the wedding preparations, I gladly took this time to just walk around and kind of relaxing my mind. Well, I hoped to, but that didn’t really happen because it was buzzing with ideas of where I’m going to go next, what I’m going to eat, and ‘how the hell do I get home from here?’ haha

Busy streets in Hung Hom

As I walked along the streets, I noticed this. As you know, HK has a lot of never-ending construction going on. The workers for this particular spot of construction hung their bags on hooks along the path rails like this where they could keep an eye on them and keep them out of the way of others and their own work. Who else thinks it’s a pretty cool idea?

Cart noodles store – Hung Hom
This is definitely my type of food. I’m not a fussy eater – I eat everything – but it has to be good (yes, I can be a bit of a food snob sometimes). It doesn’t matter whether it comes from a high-class restaurant or one of these street-side stores that have rickety stools and stained tables. I actually much prefer the latter. Mum and I always frequent this place for our favourite cart noodles. They also sell a lot of other items, including cheong fun which also resides in a special place in my heart =P  

Chinese New Year decorations – APM
As Chinese New Year was fast approaching, HK was decked out with CNY-related decorations. Shopping centres like APM and Festival Walk had large displays of cherry blossom trees, gold ingots, hanging lanterns and so on to usher in the festive season.  

Lunar New Year fair – Causeway Bay
We also went to the CNY fair in Causeway Bay after JC’s wedding dinner. Yes, “after”. This was at about 12am and it is still that crowded! I love walking this fair because of the “hei fun” (atmosphere); there are so many people having a stroll and there’s announcements coming at you from each direction promoting the stalls’ products. I’ve only been to the fair once before, but it’s exciting and the hype is something I definitely miss about celebrating CNY in Perth. 

Although it was nice to travel around HK on my own, I also really missed having my Mum there. Every morning I went to have our usual breakfasts in our neighbourhood, except this time I was alone. Luckily Mum arrived about 5 days after me and we managed to catch a couple of breakfasts together, but there were so many things Mum missed out on eating! So, as I ate, I thought of Mum and how she would also enjoy that piping hot bowl of congee, or salty beancurd…

Salty beancurd, fish slice & century egg congee, “chi faan” (glutinous rice with yau char kway, pork floss, preserved vegetables)
As we were walking around on one of our free days before the wedding, Mum and I managed to grab some local snacks like cheong fun, stinky tofu, and of course our favourite peanut butter pancake from our neighbourhood stall. We’ve been visiting this uncle’s store since I was a baby – from the time he only had a pushcart for business, to now when he has his own store.   

Cheong fun, charcoal-roasted sweet potato, stinky tofu, peanut butter-condense milk pancake

Yum cha, claypot rice with lap cheong and “yun cheong”(with liver in it), cart noodles

Although it was the end of the season, we managed to grab some last few hairy crabs. Obviously these were quite small and not as full of roe as we’d hoped, but after years of not having them, they were still good. Having said that, I still prefer Perth’s blue swimmer crabs =P

“Dai jup hai” (hairy crabs)
And I went to King of Melon Seeds!!! We used to always get our melon seeds from here and this time I went to their tiny little store to buy some for CNY. 
As you can see, they have a lot more things than just melon seeds, such as candied fruits/vegetables/seeds, peanuts, broad beans, etc. There were so many things I wanted to buy, but had to control myself! haha. I also loved how you can freely taste the melon seeds and peanuts there =D It’s probably a good thing because I have not stopped eating for CNY! Each time I pass by our snack platter, I grab some of the goodies whilst thinking “why am I still eating? I’m not even hungry!” 

Hope you enjoyed this start to my HK posts. Stay tuned for my next post, which will be Sham Sui Po!

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “[HK 2014]: Snippets of my HK life

  1. Haha, thanks Eunice! Hmm chi faan isn't hugely popular but Shanghai food stores or soybean milk stores may have it. Definitely have to try it next time! I don't imagine it'll be too difficult making it either…? You might find it in Sydney!


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