[Eating out]: Bistro Guillaume – Crown Perth

Dinner with a view!
Last year, we went to Bistro Guillaume for my brother GC’s birthday dinner. I was pretty excited since I had never been before!  
Look at the beautiful view you get during dinner…if you are seated next to the window of course. There are smaller tables inside so you don’t get the view, but still get the beautiful romantic atmosphere. The interior is quite casual, more so than I expected, and surprisingly echo-y too.  

Complimentary bread & butter 

There were a few of us – about 9 of us so we managed to try quite a few things on the menu, which is what I like most!

Prawn linguine

Dad ordered the prawn linguine and could not stop raving about it the entire time he ate. I think he really liked it =P

Duck “shephard’s pie”

GC ordered the duck shephard’s pie, which comes with a fancier name but I can no longer remember it. This was quite good. The duck was nice and moist because there was sauce in the filling, but I’m a fan of roast duck for the gamey goodness and using it as pie filling masked the natural taste of duck =(

Pork belly

My sister SC ordered the pork belly, which she said was nice but for some reason couldn’t finish.

Beef tartare

I absolutely love beef tartare so I couldn’t resist ordering it. It’s actually an entree but it doesn’t matter because that amount of meat really filled me up since I had this and some of the fish we ordered too. The flavours in the tartare were spot on to whet the appetite – they didn’t have egg yolk (I’m not sure if the yolk is the norm or not) but it was adequately moist and there was no disgusting non-fresh raw beef taste. The beef was also very tender. I do wish they served this with bread instead of potato chips though.

Oven-roasted whole snapper 

We ordered the fish as well, for Mum and myself though I couldn’t really eat much after the tartare! The fish was extremely fresh and cooked perfectly! I loved the flavours the herbs, tomatoes and olives imparted. It made it difficult to stop eating this!

Crab & avocado salad

How beautiful is this plating? This is the crab and avocado salad my Nan ordered. The blobs are romesco sauce (red) and avocado (green), which were both very tasty and worked well with the crab. It’s a pretty pricy entree so I don’t think I would really order it again since I don’t really like to eat my crabs like this =P

Roast poulet, paris mash (background)

This is the poulet for two people, accompanied by paris mash. This was nice as well, but slightly salty for my liking.

Since it was GC’s birthday, I made a cake for him so we didn’t try any of the desserts =( That’s the thing I wanted to try most! haha.

Overall, the food was good and better value than Rockpool which also received a lot of hype. The only thing that I would have to be gnarky about is the service. Our waiter was very kind and attentive, but the service overall was so incredibly slow. We waited around 90minutes for our mains to come, which mean we didn’t eat until 8:30-9pm and we were getting pretty hungry! Perhaps they were missing a couple of chefs that night because it wasn’t very busy that night to warrant such a long wait.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable and yummy dinner. Thanks, GC!

Bistro Guillaume
Crown Perth
Great Eastern Highway,
(08) 9362 7551

Thanks for reading!! ^^


2 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Bistro Guillaume – Crown Perth

  1. Poor you CC! I went there twice before. And the first time around, I was rushing for a movie at 9.15pm. Arriving and ordering by 7.30pm and yet our mains did not arrive until 8.40? Had to speed like mad to go for the movie in Carousel after! :(! The food I guess is more than just steak and frites unlike Rockpool too! Chompchomp swears by the escargots with parsley butter and garlic.


  2. I hope we both are just the exceptions! It's not very good if they are always that slow! Didn't try to escargots though – Mum and Dad had them before and didn't think it was worth it.


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