[Eating out]: Hippo Creek – Subiaco

Do you ever have those days where you really feel like eating something in particular? Some days, I just really want a thick piece of steak, one that is juicy and perfectly cooked med-rare. Luckily, it’s not too hard for me to get my hands on a steak these days, with supermarkets stocking pretty good cuts, and now there are heaps of restaurants that serve up a good steak.

One such restaurant is Hippo Creek. 

I usually head to the one in Hillarys, but this time we went to the Subiaco branch since it was more central for everyone.

Love the leather-bound menu
Our table! 

 Sharing plate – chargrilled octopus, lamb ribs, beef jerky
We got a sharing plate this time where we were able to choose 3 items that we wanted. Most of it was quite nice, but nothing that mindblowing. I liked the ribs most, mainly because I like to gnaw on bones =P 
Garlic bread

I didn’t have any of the garlic bread because bread fills me up too quickly.

I ordered the sirloin with the trio of mustards. I first tried steak with mustard at Rockpool Bar & Grill and now I forgo any type of sauce and choose mustard instead. I like how Hippo Creek doesn’t adorn their steaks with anything, which is perfect for me because I hate it when the beef flavour is masked. 
Caesar salad
Mum and my Aunty ordered a caesar salad to share along with their ribs. Very ordinary salad. Edible but not outstanding. Serve was rather small for the price I think.

This is their ribs which is considerably smaller than our previous visits to Hippo Creek. One thing I noticed is a difference between the dishes at the Hillarys branch and this branch. I much prefer the Hillarys branch.

Bone-in Ribeye
I have no idea how big this was but it was huge! This was JC’s which he shared with his was-fiancee and now-wife V. Being the little carnivore I am, I couldn’t resist asking him for the bone, though it proved to be a challenge to eat it in a civilised manner so I surrendered. 

Ribs & steak combo
GC got the ribs and steak combo which is a rump steak and half-rack of baby back ribs. 
Eye fillet
SC ordered the mini eye fillet…and still couldn’t finish it =.=’
Dad ordered the boerewors. He loves this style of sausage but I think he was a tad disappointed with it. It was rather thin, and just wasn’t as good as he expected. 
Overall, it was an alright meal but we all left thinking the standards were below what we previously got from the Hillarys branch. I think I might just go there whenever I need a Hippo Creek fix. 
Hippo Creek
14/375 Hay Street,
(08) 9381 6828
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week, everyone!

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