[Melb 2013]: All things sweet

 Chez Dre – I was like a kid in a candy store

That last of my Melb posts! But *WARNING*: DO NOT read this post if (a) you are craving cakes or sweets, (b) you are hungry, (c) if you are both a & b! 
Besides my mother’s birthday celebration, the other thing I was most excited about to go to Melbourne were the patisseries. Perth, unfortunately, is lacking a bit in this area of gastronomy and while we do have some relatively nice patisseries, those that are of the same standard are rare =( 
It makes sense that the sweet-toothed me had a plan to attack the cakes offered in Melbourne…and attack I and my dear younger brother GC did =)

It’s probably a good thing that I walked a lot in Melbourne, because if I were to just sit there and eat all these wonderful cakes, then I would most probably be obese now =.=’

Without further ado, let me present to you the star(s) of the post!

Chez Dre
285-287 Coventry Street,
(0*) 9690 2688

Chez Dre was a “must-go” on my list. After reading numerous reviews, whilst salivating, I knew I had to pay a visit to this place. I didn’t care if it was far away, I was going no matter what. The best thing is that it turned out to be quite near to the serviced apartment I was staying at! It was destiny, I tell you =P

 Lychee, Raspberry & Coconut

We ate at the South Melbourne markets so it was purely for the cakes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit again to try their savoury menu which looks just as yum!

We ordered 3 to share between us. It was just me, GC and my Aunty but she has high blood sugar to it was essentially just GC and myself. Let me tell you right now…it’s incredibly difficult to choose. I pretty much looked at the menu and I was like “I want them all, can we get them all, GC?” haha. Clearly, my brother is slightly more rational =P

The lychee one was my favourite of the lot. The flavours were clean, the lychee fragrance permeated the entire cake and I loved that it wasn’t even that sweet so the flavours really did shine.

A thing of beauty…
Isn’t it just so beautiful? Look at the colours, and the perfect layers! 
GC chose the green tea, mango & black sesame. This is not on the current menu though.
Green tea, Black sesame, Mango
Being a lover of all things matcha, this was GC’s favourite. The matcha was strong, but not bitter which can often happen with strong matcha flavours. I found the black sesame flavour tended to be masked by the mango jelly but the mango jelly itself was fantastic. It was as if it was just pure mango puree! 
Chocolate Tart
Two words. “freaking awesome”. This is something you get when you want something rich and chocolate-y. This was a must-order and it was seriously fantastic. I love cakes and desserts that play with textures and this did exactly that. While the former two were soft and light, the tart played with soft mousse, rich smooth ganache, crisp feilleutine, and a short crusty base. 
Chez Dre now resides in a special place in my heart. haha. Definitely a must-go on any Melbourne trip for me from now on. I just hope GC is there to share more with me…or maybe a sweet-toothed boyfriend? which…I have yet to find =.=’ haha. 
Ganache Chocolate
245 Collins St,
(03) 9650 8388
We chanced upon Ganache Chocolate after what seemed to be one of the most difficult searches for something sweet. I really wanted ice-cream after dinner one night…like REALLY WANTED, but we couldn’t actually find any place. I didn’t know Brunetti didn’t have ice-cream all year round, so we were shot down by that one. We wanted something rich and creamy so didn’t feel like froyo, but luckily I saw this place. Opened? Yep! Icecream? Yep! 

They only had 3-4 flavours, but it was surprisingly hard to choose two flavours! I’m not sure why I have no photo (probably ate it all before I had the chance), but we got a scoop of dark chocolate and a scoop of yoghurt cheesecake. The chocolate was smooth, rich and chocolate-y, but unfortunately melted too quickly =( The yoghurt cheesecake was nice and refreshing but unfortunately was a bit too icy.

We also ordered a hot chocolate, affogato and this chocolate mousse cake. The chocolate was so smooth, but in the end was a bit too sweet for me.

Burch & Purchese
647 Chapel Street,
(03) 9827 7060

I had heard so much about B&P, but I didn’t plan on going because I didn’t want to tire myself out during the trip. But…opportunity presented itself when GC and I went on a day trip to St. Kilda. He spotted B&P on a mini St. Kilda attractions guide, and was quite shocked when I got super-excited that it was actually nearby. Mind you, by “nearby”, I mean it was at the other end of Chapel St…which was (according to Google Maps) a good 5km or so walk.

So…walked we did!

I literally squealed…
We were pretty tired after walking and shopping along Chapel St, but that didn’t dampen our (or rather my) excitement when I saw the shopfront. It’s signature logo and colour scheme was visible from about 100m away. GC is always amazed at how I am able to spot dessert and cake places from so far away =P 

Can you believe this is made of chocolate?
Can we get one each, GC?
B&P sell plenty of their storemade products like honeycomb, chocolate goods, salted caramel (!!!) and so on. I only had eyes for their desserts display though. I couldn’t decide what to get, as usual and it was quite near dinner so I didn’t want to fill up before that. 
Raspberry icecream, milk chocolate, pop rocks, freeze-dried raspberries
They also sell icecream! It’s quite pricey ($8 a pop), but we found some sort of justification…i.e., we wanted to try it because of the interesting ingredients used. We never see this in Perth! 
This was interesting, and the icecream was actually really nice and flavourful. We were hoping for more pop rocks and freeze-dried raspberries though. In the end, we thought it was nice but probably not really worth the price.

Coconut, passionfruit, ginger, mint
I ended up choosing this because I wanted something tart and the coconut and ginger lured me further. This was good! I loved the play on textures – the fluffy mousse, smooth curd, crunchy crumble and the different texture the sago added too. I loved that the crumble had a hint of salt in it too because I’m a sucker for the sweet-salty pairings. I wish the ginger was more noticeable though and in the end, the passionfruit was a bit dominating. 
Definitely worth a visit. I was like a fat kid in a candy store, except it would be more apt to say a fat female adult in a cake store =P

Le Petit Gateau
458 Little Collins St,
(03) 9944 8893

PB&J, Salted caramel & pistachio mousse dome
Le Petit Gateau was definitely a place I was going to visit. I follow the executive pastry chef Pierrick Boyer on Instagram and guess what? I got to meet him!!!! I posted a photo on IG and he’s very active on IG that he replied he’d be free in 10min!! So we waited for him and I got to chat with him! It was like meeting a famous actor! I was so excited and happy I couldn’t stop smiling. He even let me in the kitchen where we took a photo together =D Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had! 
So how are the cakes? FANTASTIC!!! I couldn’t resist peanut butter so I chose that, and GC chose the mousse dome. Unfortunately I didn’t get the taste the brownie passion, which is the most well-known. I guess that means I’ll just have to go back again one day…what. a. shame. =P 
I love that their cakes aren’t too sweet, even the caramel mousse dome. This really let the flavours shine, and I loved the different textural layers. Definitely a must-visit! Who can resist such a kind and charming exec. chef too? hehe.

Dahon Tea Lounge (***CLOSED***)

Ube & coconut
I’ve seen this cake on my IG feed so many times, and it really piqued my interest. I didn’t even know until I walked past it accidentally but it was right near South Melbourne markets! So one day I went there to take away a slice then headed to the markets for some oysters for a seriously weird but delicious lunch haha.
While the cake was nice, it wasn’t really what I expected. It was a bit dry and I found the flavours weren’t really strong enough. But I’m glad I managed to grab one before they closed down later in the year.   
The aftermath(s)
This was not an uncommon sight following our sweet adventures. Polished clean – depending on the type of sweet (e.g., cake vs. ice-cream), I literally had to restrain myself from licking the container clean…hehe oops!
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find photos of other sweet adventures like Cacao Green or Spring St Grocer’s ice-cream, which is unfortunate but let me just tell you that you MUST go to Spring St Grocer’s and have their ice-cream. It’s seriously out of this world! No other ice-cream has been comparable since, especially the pistachio, and GC (who is the pistachio ice-cream fanatic) has eaten A LOT of pistachio ice-creams.

Really must thank GC for being such an awesome sweets partner! Thankfully, we didn’t develop diabetes after this trip…just gained a few kilos =( haha.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope this sweetened up your day!


4 thoughts on “[Melb 2013]: All things sweet

  1. The amount of sugar is too damn high! *inserts 9GAG meme*

    I have seen a few pics from the products these places make, and I have to say that the quality is simply astounding. The pastries looks so manicured! 🙂


  2. haha!! how nice to read something amusing like that after a long day!

    The quality is amazing, WenY – when you go to Melb, definitely pay them a visit!


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