Bye bye, 2013! Bring it on, 2014!

The last day of 2013.

This time last year I was in a pretty bad place. Stress, work, uni, personal problems…everything took its toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I was hoping the beginning of 2013 would be a lot better than the previous year but alas, it was just as tough.

Thankfully things got better in the latter half of the year…still tough and stressful, but I found I was able to manage it more and let go of things not worth holding on to, and not think of things that were not deserving of my brain space.

Enough of the emo talk now. Here are 5 things that have happened for me in 2013, in no specific order.

1. This year I’ve been lucky enough to accomplish a huge milestone in life and while it’s added stress and pressure, I’m happy that I’ve taken that huge-ass step.

2. In August 2013, I went to Melbourne for the first time. The reason was to celebrate my Mum’s 50th birthday. It was a great trip and I was elated to know that I successfully held an interstate (and overseas). That took about 6 months to plan, including booking flights and liaising with my Uncle in HK about his flights, booking a cake and finding a restaurant.

3. I’ve managed to achieve some personal and professional goals in my studies. I’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to learn through practice and training rather than sitting in boring lectures. I’ve also been lucky enough to have one of my friends come back to Perth and occupy the office next to mine, which makes procrastinating a little more easier, and another guinea pig for my baking and cooking.

4. I’ve had the privilege of knowing 3 good friends were granted their permanent residency here, after ridiculously long waiting times. One of them has also found a job following graduation, which both eases my mind and makes me want to plan a huge celebration for her. Another has fulfilled her dream of owning a house, and I can’t wait for us to have cookouts together since we live closer now =D

5. I’ve been much more active in the kitchen with my cooking and baking, which some of you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram (@cscc28). To see my friends and family enjoy the food I bake and cook is both heartwarming and fulfilling.

So there you have it, 5 things that have happened this year which have made me grow personally and professionally. I rarely write such posts, and hopefully it didn’t bore you!

I pray that 2014 will be nicer to me, and not repeat 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Some things I know will remain the same, unfortunately, but I shall wait and see what 2014 brings me =)

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all had a great eve, and may the new year bless you and your loved ones with happiness, health, love and success! Thanks for all your support this year, and I hope to be more frequent with my posts next year =)

Thanks for reading! ^^


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