[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday to me!

As usual, I was incredibly busy on my birthday – it didn’t help that I had meetings scheduled at uni on the actual day itself! So I decided have an early celebration with my family the weekend before.

This time I made my own cake!! Last year, I didn’t make a cake and did a DIY herbal jelly/ice dessert thing but I’ve been craving these flavours for soooooooo long, I decided it was time! haha.

So…what was it?

Many of you will recognise the flavours. It’s a very simple cake, with only 3 components but it was perfect. Definitely a great way to end my birthday dinner!

The flavours were pandan, gula melaka and coconut – sounds a bit like chendol in cake form, eh? haha. I made pandan chiffon, and alternated the layer with a gula melaka chiffon then covered the cake in whipped coconut cream. It was the perfect size and the light chiffons meant it was still nice and light on the stomach after our dinner =D

For dinner, I prepared a DIY sushi meal. I love DIY meals because I think it’s a nice way for everyone to have a bit of fun with their food, and it’s much more interactive. I put the sushi rice in 2 big bowls and everybody pretty much had free reign to whatever kind of sushi they wanted!

There were prawns, tobiko, seaweed salad, cucumber, avocado, miso ginger chicken, egg shreds, Japanese potato salad, wasabi, Kewpie mayo and a bowl of greens to offset all the carbs =P Oh of course there was nori too!

There were some pretty funny moments during dinner, which is what I liked best! My brother JC made mammoth sushi rolls – like futomaki on steroids! It was so funny watching in try wrap it. I, on the other hand, have realized I fail at wrapping temaki and my first one was so much bigger than the ones in the sushi stores! Also not that good at making gunkan sushi and my filling kind of overflowed haha. I guess you could say I’m more pro at eating sushi =P

Would you believe that this dinner almost didn’t even happen about 1hr before? Because of family problems and it was very tense. What a way to spend a birthday dinner, eh? haha. Oh well, went well in the end.

On my actual birthday, Mum especially had dinner with me after work then we went shopping =)

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas and is ready for the New Year!


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