[Melb 2013]: Hardware Societe

I made it! No trip to Melbourne is complete without a visit to this place, right? As expected, we had to wait for a table for 4. I think in the end, we waited around 30 minutes. I’m not too sure, all I knew was that it was pure agony seeing the food coming out while we were standing there in the cold just staring at it!

So how did we find the food?

flat white, chai latte
GC & I stuck with water, but JC and SC got a flat white and chai latte, respectively, to warm their bellies. JC didn’t think the coffee used here was as good as The Grain Store, though.

We love the tableware at this place. It’s really funky and adds a certain simple charm to the place. 

baked eggs with chorizo

GC ordered the famous baked eggs with chorizo. He loved it, but it was incredibly filling. I like the addition of nuts and the fresh herbs on the top because it added a bit of texture. The baguettes are from Noisette Bakery, which I’ve decided make the best baguettes I’ve tasted! You might want to get in quick with the baguettes and dip it quickly because the egg cooked really quick and soon enough, there was no more runny yolk =(


My party animal sister, SC needed a cure for her hangover so she got the omelette. I can’t remember what was in the omelette but I know there was bacon…SC quite liked it, but I think she just needed some sort of sustenance.

 seared tuna, asparagus, zucchini fritters, hollandaise, poached eggs
I ordered the day’s special of seared tuna, asparagus, zucchini fritters, poached egg and saffron hollandaise. The fritters were mixed with fetta and I didn’t like them because they were too soft and also because I don’t like fetta. I ended up giving them to my brothers. The hollandaise was also left largely untouched because I find it a bit too strong and overpowered the tuna. The rest of the plate was nice and extremely filling. 
golden flow

I couldn’t resist but post this yolkporn…such a beautifully poached egg and I am ever so grateful to have the baguettes to wipe up the excess yolk.

Pork belly, sweet potato hash, watercress, poached eggs

My other brother, JC, ordered the pork belly, sweet potato hash with poached eggs. I’m pretty proud of him that he actually ate the hash because he doesn’t like sweet potato usually. He really liked this and revelled in the unhealthy breakfast =P All diet plans were placed on hold for us during this trip!

Overall a nice breakfast. Their poached eggs are wonderful, but I don’t know if I’d really queue that long for  table since there are so many other great cafes in Melbourne (who also do awesome poached eggs). But definitely a place to visit for a first-timer! 

Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St,
VIC 3000
(03) 9078 5992

Thanks for reading! ^^


2 thoughts on “[Melb 2013]: Hardware Societe

  1. Very nice! Heard so much about it! Feel like paying a visit to Melbourne next year! But you said some very true things about waiting when it was almost certain that you could find some other really good places out there too ;)!


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